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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Mar 24, 2021 8:00 AM

Three Distinct Metal Wall Panels for New Terminix Headquarters

In an effort to consolidate operations in several buildings into one modern office and warehouse facility, Terminix constructed a two-story corporate office in a highly visible location along Interstate 26 in Columbia, S.C. Aesthetics were essential for this project so three distinct panel profiles from McElroy Metal adorn the façade of the headquarters.

Terminix1"The exterior design expression needed to pay homage to the materials and color palette of the original structures, but in a contemporary and forward-looking way," says David Sickinger, AIA, LEED AP, at Garvin Design Group of Columbia. "Since the original buildings on this campus used a gray/beige brick and gray metal panels, the intent was to replicate those material selections as a means to provide a link to the past. The building’s architecture was to be much grander in scale and open in terms of the amount of exterior glazing, so the veneer selection provided an opportunity to incorporate a sense of familiarity. However, the scale of the brick and profiles of the metal panels were changed to respond to the larger scale of the new structure."

Sickinger says the team added black as a contemporary accent to play off the other panel color and the brick.

"It was a challenging job, one that makes you look forward to getting to the jobsite when you wake up in the morning," says Dale Hutto, Manager for Aqua Seal Manufacturing & Roofing of Cayce, S.C. "The toughest part was detailing the transitions between different panel profiles and keep it all watertight. We were careful and it all worked the way it was supposed to."

Three different wall panel profiles from McElroy were installed on the Terminix headquarters. The front of the building featured the 24-gauge MSR Panel (3,665 square feet) in Sherwin-Williams Fluropon PVDF Charcoal, installed vertically, and the 24-gauge Wave Panel (5,597 square feet) in Sherwin-Williams Fluropon PVDF Matte Black, installed horizontally, to break up the brick façade. The MSR Panel combines aesthetics and strength in one bold profile, while the Wave Panel offers smaller ribs for the look of a textured wall design. Both are concealed fastener profiles. The warehouse area of the building features McElroy’s versatile exposed fastener 24-gauge R-Panel (6,392 square feet) in Charcoal.

Aqua Seal also installed 2,712 square feet of longboard soffit in Matte Black and 1,063 square feet of Reynobond ACM.

"Whenever I’m driving down 26, I can see the Terminix building," Hutto says. "That metal, it’s gorgeous; that’s why it sticks out."

By all accounts, the project is deemed a success. "The project was a great collaboration between the owner, contractor and design team," Sickinger says. "It is cliché, but very true in this instance. As a design-build project, all three parties were present and fully involved in all aspects of the decision-making process from the very first meeting."

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