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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Sep 26, 2023 8:00 AM

5 Reasons Post Frame Construction is So Popular

In recent years, many people have started to turn to post-frame construction because it's affordable, versatile, and durable. These types of buildings are great for all kinds of purposes, whether you need them for agricultural operations, commercial businesses, or even as a barndominium for your home. This article examines how metal panels and visible fasteners can improve your post-frame building.

Equestrian_Post Frame_Max-Rib_Autumn Red Walls_Ash Gray roof1. Strength

One of the main reasons metal panels are a great choice for the exterior siding of post-frame structures is that they are incredibly strong and long-lasting.

These panels are usually made from Galvanized or Galvalume® steel and can withstand tough environmental conditions like rain, snow, and UV rays.

Unlike wood siding, metal panels don't deteriorate over time because of rot, warping, or decay. This means your post-frame building will stay strong and require very little maintenance for decades.

2. Design

Metal panels give you many options for color, profile, and finish, which means you can create the exact look you want for your post-frame structure. Whether you're going for a classic, rustic vibe for a farm building or a sleek, modern look for a commercial facility, metal panels offer endless design possibilities. If you're looking for design ideas, check out our photo gallery and visualizer tools where you can upload a picture of your own building to experiment with panel and color options.

3. Cost

Metal panel siding and roofing represent great choices for anyone who wants a durable and cost-effective solution for their building's exterior. Beyond the initial competitive cost, metal panels require minimal maintenance and lower repair costs throughout the life of the project.  Consequently, for savvy buyers who consider both first and final costs, metal panels make a great long-term investment.

Equestrian_Post Frame_Max-Rib_Surrey Beige Wall_ Patrician Bronze Roof4. Energy Efficiency

Thanks to cool roof coatings and the way the sun's rays reflect off the roof, metal panels help building owners save up to 25% on their energy bills.

Some post-frame customers opt for insulated metal panels, (commonly referred to as IMP panels) to deliver even greater energy performance. IMP panels offer a layer of insulation sandwiched between the inside and outside metal layers. 

5. Ease of Installation

Depending on the panel style, metal panels normally cover 16"- 36" in a single sheet.  Other construction products, such as masonry and other siding products, require significantly more labor during installation.

The easy installation process also speeds up construction timelines, saving you time and money.

Bonus: Low Maintenance

One of the best things about metal panel siding is how easy it is to maintain. Unlike other siding materials, metal panels resist pests like termites and don't require staining or painting.

All you need to do to keep them in great condition is occasionally clean them with a pressure washer or hose. It's really that simple!

When it comes to choosing a siding material for post-frame buildings, standing seam and exposed fastened metal panels are both great options. These panels offer excellent protection against the elements and various design choices.

Plus, they help make post-frame buildings more energy-efficient, are easy to install, and require very little maintenance. These factors contribute to the longevity and functionality of post-frame buildings in various industries.

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