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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Feb 21, 2024 8:00 AM

Metal Roof Installation Training

Metal roofing and siding products are widely recognized as a worthy investment thanks to their durability, long lifespan, and weathertight features. Did you know that there is an important factor that can affect these great qualities? Installation!

Proper installation techniques ensure the longevity and function of metal products, and deviating from these "best practices" can have damaging long-term effects on the structure.

McElroy Metal engineers assessed the significant impact proper training and techniques have on a project's success, and they developed an in-depth training class to offer those insights to our customers.

Our Standing Seam Installer Certification program was designed to educate participants in installing the standing seam roof products we manufacture. This class aims to educate the participants in several important facets of working with metal products:

  • Illustrate how the various components of our panel systems work together
  • Demonstrate proper installation
  • Explain basic theories of metal, such as expansion, contraction, and proper fastener placement

Ultimately, we have seen that when our installers have a sound understanding of our products and their applications, their proficiency increases, and they install roof systems accurately, safely, and more quickly.

While there is no legal requirement for a specific certification to become a metal installer, achieving the manufacturer's certification is highly recommended and offers many benefits.

No one can guarantee a perfect project, but our certification helps deliver quality installations and superior knowledge. In many cases, it also helps meet weathertightness warranty project requirements. Additionally, participating in the class reaps long-term rewards, as we are always available to advise our certified installers should questions arise during future project installs.

We recently sat down with Hunter Langdon, our Technical Specialist and Trainer, to discuss the class. Please tune in to get to know Hunter and hear more about our installer certification class!

Whether you are an experienced installer or preparing to install your first project, our Standing Seam Installation course offers invaluable insight. Offered each month, we begin on a Thursday morning and conclude on Friday at noon, ending with a written exam.

For more information on requirements, fees, and a complete itinerary, visit our standing seam installation training page or contact our team. Let's equip you to be the best in your field.

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