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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Aug 3, 2021 8:00 AM

Metal Wall Panels: A Versatile Option for Residential Home Design

Because of their versatility and vast design capabilities, architects and homeowners are taking full advantage of metal wall panels on residential applications. In recent years, metal wall panels have seen a surge in popularity because of the benefits they offer, much like metal roofing.

Metal Wall Panels

One of the primary reasons metal wall panels have grown in popularity is due to their wide range of creative qualities. Panels continue to be used in increasingly creative ways and architects enjoy the product’s considerable number of available options, including multiple rib patterns, extensive color palettes, and various panel orientations. A unique and interesting aesthetic can be accomplished using any or all these product variations.  

But as the saying goes, looks aren’t everything. For a metal wall panel design to be a truly versatile option, it must also meet the performance standards of architects and homeowners. When coated with PVDF/Kynar 500 coatings, homeowners have a low-maintenance and durable wall system that will weather the elements and offer the best protection for decades. 

PVDF coatings have been proven to provide the best protection against fading and chalking. When compared to other coatings like Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) and Polyester, resin-based PVDF coatings provide long-term performance that will help homeowners retain their curb appeal year after year. 

When considering a metal wall panel for your home, there are many types of panel styles to consider. Residential wall panels are available in both exposed and concealed fastened options. Exposed fastened panels feature fasteners that penetrate the metal panels to attach to the wall sub-framing. Fastener heads remain visible and are painted the same color as the panels. Concealed fastener panels are attached to the substructure without any visible fasteners. These panels are installed with clips and/or screws that attach behind the face of the panel. 

A variety of panel styles are available in exposed and concealed fastened options. Let’s further explore the distinct design and performance capabilities of each of these styles:   

Wave Panels (Concealed Fastened) 

Wave HouseWave panels are the ideal solutions for a textured wall design without visible fasteners. Panels are installed with clips and/or fasteners that are placed under the panel surface and hidden from view. Wave panels can be installed horizontally or vertically based on design preferences, and with the absences of fasteners, the finished look is seamless and smooth. 

Several styles of exposed fastened options are available for residential panel applications. McElroy has 10 exposed fastened panels to choose from. Here are four of our most popular panels.

Multi-Cor and M-Cor Exposed FastenedMulti-Cor and M-Cor (Exposed Fastened) 

Multi-Cor and M-Cor are classic corrugated wall panels that can be installed vertically and horizontally. Multi-Cor and M-Cor panels have similar designs that are reminiscent of the past, but with subtle differences in rib height and configuration. Multi-Cor panels are designed with a 3/4” rib height, while M-Cor panels feature a 1/2” rib height. 

mini-rib-exposed-fastener-panel-on-dallas-townhomes-2-1Mini-Rib (Exposed Fastened)

Smaller in scale than other panel designs, the Mini-Rib panel creates a symmetrical, elegant look for residential wall applications. While the Mini-Rib panel is not a suitable solution for roof applications, it is a popular panel of choice for architects and designers wanting to make an impactful visual statement using metal siding. Mini-Rib panels can be installed vertically and horizontally. 

Fox Way AddressMega-Rib (Exposed Fastened)

The Mega-Rib panel is designed for performance with optimum strength and spanning capabilities. In residential applications, Mega-Rib is most often installed horizontally to achieve a distinct architectural statement. The 7.2 exposed fastener panel is popular in residential and commercial use due to its bold rib design. 

Max-Rib (Exposed Fastened) 

Max-Rib Exposed Fastened Wall PanelThe Max-Rib panel is one of the most popular options with homeowners due to its aesthetic appeal and price point. The Max-Rib is a low profile (3/4”) panel

The Max-Rib Ultra is the premier choice in a light gauge panel where performance is of primary concern. The light-gauge panel features a Galvalume steel substrate with fade and chalk-resistant PVDF paint for long-life performance. When installed as a wall panel on a residence, the construction method is often a post frame building.

Metal wall panels provide a broad number of options for architects and homeowners to consider for residential applications. Whether the concern is achieving a specific aesthetic or the desire to implement materials with long-lasting performance, metal wall panels can achieve your residential project goals. 

Visit our website to explore the Residential Metal Wall Panel Options available for your project. 

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