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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Jul 9, 2024 8:00 AM

Why Choose Kynar 500® for Your Metal Roof

Why Choose Kynar 500® for Your Metal Roof

Long recognized for their ability to provide long-term protection and durability, Kynar 500® resin-based coatings offer homeowners and commercial building owners beautiful, long-lasting roofs that retain their curb appeal year after year.

What is Kynar 500®?

Kynar 500® is a fluoropolymer (polyvinylidene fluoride or PVDF) resin used by leading paint manufacturers to create long-life coatings for many end uses, including metal roofing and siding.

How was it Developed?

Why Choose Kynar 500 for Your Metal Roof

In the late 1950s, a chemist named Joe McCann left his employment at Ben Franklin Paint and Varnish in the Philadelphia area to work for PennSalt.

PennSalt had a Fluoropolymer resin line named Kynar®. Joe realized that paint could be based on this technology and he recommended that his former employer look into it.

The early success of lab trials indicated value in pursuing this as a basis for high-technology coatings, so PennSalt decided to allow several paint companies to investigate this under a licensing and secrecy agreement.

The company, formerly Ben Franklin, was the first to agree to the license and successfully solve the formulation challenges to produce a stable product that met the requirements for long-term durability.

The first commercial usage was for the PennSalt (by then called PennWalt) headquarters in Philadelphia. Licenses were then issued to several paint manufacturers, although there are never more than five active licensees.

To get the license, there were strict testing and manufacturing control requirements. To be called Kynar 500®, a minimum of 70% of the resin portion had to be Kynar® resin. The remainder of the resin portion was up to the paint manufacturer to determine.

The brand became the premier coating company and was established quickly in the architectural market because it provided long-term durability. The brand's popularity was aided by a unique limited warranty, which gave 20-year protection for film integrity, color, and chalk resistance, which was unheard of then.

Since its introduction, various versions of the technology have been developed to meet marketplace needs. The Kynar 500® resin-based coatings have continued to be the unquestioned best-quality coatings available in the marketplace.

They are no longer used only for high-end architectural structures but have found use in many other construction areas, including residential roofing, post-frame construction, and pre-engineered metal buildings.

What Makes a Kynar 500® Metal Roof Superior?

The main components in a paint system are pigment, resin (binder), and solvents. The pigment determines the color, and the resin holds, or binds, the pigment together.

Low-quality resins result in poor film integrity, fade, and chalk coating performance. In simple terms, low-quality resins enable nature’s elements to turn a red roof into a pink roof or a deep blue roof into powder blue. This is called fade.

Kynar 500 resin systems are proven to offer the highest-level protection against panel fade and chalk.

As the name implies, chalk is a substance that rubs off on hands or clothing when they come in contact with a surface. The picture to the left shows chalk wiped off of a coated surface.

Kynar 500® resin systems offer the highest-level protection against panel fade and chalk.

For many people, a home is their largest asset and a source of pride, and adding a metal roof to a home is a substantial investment. Because Kynar 500® offers the greatest protection against panel fade and chalk, homeowners are assured that their homes will still look great decades after installation.

On day one, Kynar 500® coatings and lesser quality coatings look identical. The quality difference becomes apparent after the coating is exposed to the elements. In the picture below, you can see the difference between a section of a roof coated with Kynar 500® and sections coated with a Siliconized Modified Polyester paint.

All the sections were identical on the day they were applied, but the Kynar 500® section retained its vibrancy over eight years and didn’t chalk or fade.

kynar 500 and smp comparison

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The building below dramatically illustrates Kynar 500®️'s superior performance. It was built in two phases, nine (9) years apart. Note that the two halves of the roof are the same color. There is no fade! No chalk!


What colors of Kynar 500® can I get?

Depending on the manufacturer, color selection is virtually unlimited. Due to the chemical composition, dark and vibrant colors are available in Kynar 500®️ systems.

How does the cost of using Kynar 500® for metal roofing compare to alternative coatings over the long term?

This can save repainting efforts; slick surfaces remain to shed snow, dirt, etc., so the paint system stays cleaner and intact.

Considering the long-term investment value of choosing Kynar 500® for metal roofing is essential. While the initial cost might be higher than alternative coatings, the superior durability and resistance to fade and chalk could result in lower maintenance and replacement costs over the roof's lifespan.

Factors such as reduced need for repainting and longer warranty periods also contribute to the overall cost-effectiveness of Kynar 500®.

Are there any environmental or sustainability benefits associated with choosing Kynar 500® for metal roofing?

Considering the longevity of Kynar 500® coatings and their potential to reduce the frequency of roof replacements, Kynar contributes positively towards resource conservation and waste reduction.

Kynar® and Kynar 500® are registered trademarks of Arkema Inc.

Learn More about Metal Roofing

For decades, Kynar 500® coatings have been the paint system of choice for architects around the world, which is why many of our products are coated with Kynar 500®. You can find a full list of our Kynar 500® metal roof products here, or you can contact us anytime to learn more about our roofing solutions.

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