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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Dec 17, 2021 8:00 AM

Tiny Houses With a Big Impact

Tyler Kanczuzewski, Inovateus Solar VP of Marketing and Sustainability, decided he needed a new place to live. Tyler is a single guy who wants to walk the walk of sustainability since he loves sustainable development ideas and is passionate about the subject.

So he decided to build a tiny house.


When Tyler found out that a local developer was building tiny homes and sustainable business units and was looking for a few people to build them he jumped at the chance.

Tyler said that 'the goal for me is a more minimalist lifestyle. A simpler life with less stuff and using less energy. My job with Inovateus Solar is to help others find sustainable solutions like solar power so I felt it was time to reflect that ideal in my choice of housing."

Tyler was looking for a cabin/cottage feel with custom colors and design. The finished house is a 600 square feet, loft-style design with the kitchen, family room, and bath on the first floor and a loft bedroom, porch, and balcony three-season room on the second.

"The house has plenty of space and feels bigger than it is!", says Tyler.

"Designing and building a tiny house is a journey. I needed to get creative to maximize the space and storage without any clutter. To make the most efficient use of space it made me think about what I really needed and if those things are multi-use. I realized in a new way that everything must serve a purpose if it was going to be a part of my new home.", states Tyler.


The builder Tyler chose was Provision Construction with much of the material supplied by Borkholder Building and Supply.

New Energy Homes of Nappanee, Ind. handled the design and concept. New Energy Homes sales representative Corbin Borkholder, is hoping that someday, their Net Zero post-frame “Tiny Homes,” can provide humanitarian and sustainable solutions to deliver low-cost housing. Their Tiny Homes are constructed for strength and energy efficiency, with durable products, like the Multi-Rib metal roof and wall panels from McElroy Metal.

New Energy Homes are post-frame structures, built to be affordable, with a focus on the building envelope,” Borkholder says. “It has to have a Net Zero footprint with a high-performance envelope. Post-frame offers an affordable, but a very durable and very dynamic system.”

When it comes to energy efficiency, Sherwin-Williams Fluropon PVDF reflective paint colors help reduce heat transfer. McElroy Metal’s standing seam Multi-Rib roofing and wall panels on the tiny house are Matte Black.

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