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Posted by McElroy Metal ● May 16, 2019 7:00 AM

Exterior Metal Wall Panels Make a Statement on Award Winning Building

When faded gray vinyl siding was not sending the message that advertising firm designCraft wanted to send they embarked on a building redesign that used McElroy Metal Wave Panels to make a big visual statement. The following post comes from a Sherwin Williams Fluropon case study found here.

With their building facing the main road, designCraft wanted the building redesign to be a part of their companies branding, making a statement and adding value to their image.  

designCraft_before (1)Before the Redesign 

“The architect on the designCraft project – Todd Barnett from Madison, WI-based Barnett Architecture – explained how the design branding firm, ‘wanted the building to reflect high design, more than it did at its original condition.’ Barnett added, ‘the challenge was to take a box and come up with a way, using minor additions, to create architecture and form from something you couldn’t alter.’”

To create the visual style designCraft was going for a variety of materials were chosen for the redesign including stained plywood panels, a barn door, landscaping features, and McElroy Metal Wave Panels.

designCraft Advertising Madison, WI  - exterior metal wall panels After the Redesign

“From previous experience, Barnett knew that McElroy Metal, based in Bossier City, LA, supplied metal wall panels that were dependable and stood up to weathering. Their system also provided a slightly asymmetrical feature, producing different shadow lines across the panels that designCraft desired.”

“The installer on the project, Metal Design Corporation, placed 2,800 square-feet of McElroy Metal’s Wave Fixed ribbed panels vertically along designCraft’s curved exterior, as well as on the third-floor penthouse. These concealed fastener wall panels, made of 24-gauge Galvalume® steel, were flexible enough to wrap around the contour.”

wave panel exterior metal wall panelWave Panel from McElroy Metal is a concealed fastener wall panel. It’s use resulted in a monolithic and aesthetically pleasing appearance, requiring minimum maintenance. The color was Buckskin, a PVDF coating. Approximately 2,800 square feet of Wave exterior metal wall panel was installed vertically to accommodate the curved facade. Wood was installed horizontally, and the vertical colors are a transition between the wood and metal. Wave Panel also was installed on the third-floor penthouse.

“Barnett Architecture’s trusted supplier of metal panels, McElroy Metal, partners with Sherwin-Williams to supply their coatings. McElroy Metal features Fluropon® 70% PVDF coatings – manufactured by Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings (formerly Valspar) – on all of their products, including their metal wall panels. The metal manufacturer began purchasing from the trusted paint supplier back in 1994. “Valspar offered a full line of high-quality coatings that fit our needs,” said Ken Gieseke, Vice President of Marketing at McElroy Metal.”

“Redesigning the exterior allowed us to highlight our brand along a main corridor,” said Jones. “When I meet people, they easily connect the building’s rounded corners and distinctive styling with our agency.”

An award-winning project, designCraft received the 2016 Mayor’s Design Award for Office and Façade Renovation!

You can read more about this award-winning project here!

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