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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Jun 13, 2024 8:00 AM

Trends in Exterior Metal Siding Panels

Trends in Exterior Metal Siding Panels

Exterior metal siding panels are extremely versatile and offer a wide range of benefits and aesthetic options. They are perhaps the most adaptable exterior cladding solution and work well on almost all types of structures. With so many options, though, it can be hard to know where to begin, so understanding what the current trends in exterior metal siding panels offer can become the best inspiration for what they could do for your project.

But why choose metal paneling at all?Visionline Project

The benefits of exterior metal siding panels

Metal panels provide so many benefits that they have something for every situation. One area where they stand out, and that is especially important for today’s social and economic climate, is their sustainability credentials.

Exterior metal siding panels are 100% recyclable, which can be incredibly important for your project.  They also boast a 50–60-year life expectancy which means they don’t require replacement as quickly as most other alternatives. Together, these two factors make these metal panels the most sustainable option in many cases, but benefits also extend to panel performance.

Metal panels are better able to handle the harshest environments, they are fire resistant and deal with high winds better than most alternatives. They have high impact resistance, too, making them especially suitable for areas where hail can be a regular issue. In the rare cases where the exterior metal siding panels become damaged, they are also easily repairable. This means your building will look better for longer, and avoiding having to replace larger areas is another boost to the sustainability of this option.


They also offer a quality user experience, requiring little maintenance. Unlike some options, exterior metal siding panels don’t suffer from a buildup of mildew or mold, avoiding the need for power washing and treatments to stop that unsightly staining. Instead, they age well and look great throughout their lifespans, with lower maintenance costs and less hassle for owners.

Exterior metal siding panels also offer a more cohesive look since they can cover ground to eaves height in a single panel from 16” to 36” widths. This not only provides a cleaner finish than multiple panels of other materials but also makes installation simpler and faster. 

Importantly, all this performance and ease of ownership is backed up by an often decades-long full materials warranty. There is a peace of mind that comes from that backing that you simply cannot get with other options.

Trends in External Metal Siding Panels

With so many benefits, choosing metal panels makes sense for any project, but with so many options, how do you know where to begin? The latest trends tell us a lot about the options that external metal siding panels provide. Given how important aesthetics are for many buildings today, we begin with the latest trends there to illustrate just how flexible these metal panels can be.

Aesthetic Trends

While the performance, lifetime cost, and low maintenance aspects of metal panels make them a great choice for almost any application, these are not as immediately obvious as the way panels look. A key advantage of metal paneling has always been the ability to add color and patterns that would be almost impossible with other materials.

Visionline CubeSmart project

Current trends are to push boundaries with bolder choices, moving away from the cooler and neutral tones. But it is not just basic colors that are sought after, the flexibility of exterior metal siding panels means other options are gaining popularity.

The first is metallics, where instead of the high sparkle that has gone before, satin finishes are taking hold, offering a more subdued, natural finish that enhances the lines of any building. Darker tones are also coming into play, with dark navy blue or dark green often accentuating a more neutral palette to enhance the overall appearance. Finally, we are starting to see the use of texture in panels, providing a depth to the finish that changes how it is impacted by light, giving a new character to the final look.

All these new finishes are enhanced by the latest paint technology from Kynar, which promises more stable colors that remain consistent throughout the lifetime of the panel, keeping the designer’s vision intact for decades to come.

Design Trends

One of the key design trends that we are seeing right now is the mixing of materials, especially metal and wood. When combined with the various color and texture options for metal, this can create some truly unique effects that turn any building into something special.

designCraft Advertising Madison, WI  Thumbnail

However, in terms of the exterior metal siding panels themselves, we are seeing more panel types that offer a wide range of design options. The first choice is exposed or concealed fastener attachment, which gives an entirely different feel to the overall design, depending on which is chosen. Concealed fastening options provide a sleeker look since the fasteners are hidden, while exposed fastened options tend to be less expensive and often trend toward a more industrial feel.

Depending on design needs, panels can be ribbed or flat. Again, this choice affects how the light plays on the panels, and the overall feel of the design is impacted by this choice, allowing for a huge variance in overall look depending on the chosen panels.   Terminex_MSR_Charcoal

Design choices also extend to how the panels are installed. Vertical or horizontal panels can be accomplished with most panel profiles. When combined with ribbed panels, textured finishes, or a variety of colors, there is no end to the different designs that can be created even using just one panel type.

If design matters, and for most buildings today, it is crucial, then exterior metal siding panels are not just the low maintenance, high-performance option but also the one that opens up a new world of design and aesthetic choices unavailable with any other material. Where customers expect not just the best performance, but the best curb appeal, choosing exterior metal siding panels is the key to providing the right solution.

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