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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Nov 15, 2023 4:00 PM

Beyond the Surface: An In-depth Conversation with Roofing Expert John Wilusz

The roofing industry stands at an intersection of tradition and innovation, and understanding the nuances is crucial for homeowners and industry professionals alike. advanced-metal-roofing-logoIn our comprehensive interview with John Wilusz, Chief Marketing Officer, of Advanced Metal Roofing, an expert with years of experience in the field, we delved into topics ranging from the longevity of metal roofing to the evolving preferences of homeowners. 

Here are the highlights of our insightful conversation:

Metal Roofing: A Wise Long-Term Investment

John began the interview by addressing the cost concerns surrounding metal roofing. "The initial outlay for a metal roof is indeed higher," John admitted. "However, if we're playing the long game, metal is the clear winner." He passionately pointed out the longevity factor: "You're not just buying a roof; you're making a one-time investment for the next half-century."

Kathi Miller, McElroy Metal's Director of Marketing and Sales Training, concurred, highlighting the importance of transparently presenting these facts to homeowners. "It's about painting the full picture, especially in a higher mortgage rate environment as we have now, where short-term costs translate into long-term savings. Higher interest rates coupled with increasing home prices are driving that cost equation, meaning more folks are staying in their existing homes and investing in maintenance items like a new roof instead of buying a new home," she added.

Homeowner Hesitations and Industry Responses

As the conversation shifted towards homeowner concerns, John shared the common questions that often come up during consultations. "People ask, 'Will it be noisy when it rains?' or 'Is fading an issue with metal roofs?' These are valid questions rooted in misconceptions," John clarified.

He emphasized the role of proper installation and quality materials in mitigating these concerns. "A well-installed metal roof with a solid underlayment is no noisier than an asphalt one," John assured. Regarding fading, he confidently stated, "With advances like Kynar 500 coatings, fading is a worry of the past."

Trending Tones and Aesthetic Preferences

Discussing market trends, John noted a significant shift in color preferences. "There's a clear trend towards darker, matte tones. It's a blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality," he observed. Kathi Miller echoed this sentiment, adding, "It's fascinating how regional preferences can shape industry trends."

The Installation Equation and Shingle Shortcomings

Addressing the concerns about the installation of metal roofs, John stressed the importance of focusing on the details. "Many questions homeowners have are answered when you explain the installation process," he said. "Knowing the 'how' and 'why' brings them peace of mind."

When discussing shingle replacements, John was candid about the various factors at play. "We see a gamut of issues, from shoddy installations to subpar materials," he explained. "And let's not forget the weather's role in all this."

He lamented the declining quality of shingles, remarking, "It's disheartening to see how the longevity of shingles has reduced over the years. We frequently replace shingles at 8 to 10 years., sometimes sooner if there is an installation error. In other cases, buyers want to get into metal roofing products. But the vast majority of shingles need replacing at that point because they are wearing to the point that homeowners feel leaks are imminent. "

Looking Forward: The Role of Kynar 500 and Continuous Education5

John highlighted the importance of Kynar 500, stating, "It's not just a product; it's a promise of quality." He urged the need for increased visibility of Kynar 500 in the market.

As the interview concluded, Kathi Miller thanked John for his valuable insights and reiterated the commitment to providing educational resources. "Our goal is to empower homeowners through knowledge," she said.

John left us with a parting thought: "Roofing is more than just covering a house; it's about protecting a home. And that's a responsibility we take seriously."

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