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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Jun 5, 2019 7:00 AM

Quick Guide to Metal Warehouse Roofing

Some of the consideration that effect which metal roofing solution is best for a warehouse include the size of the building’s footprint, the slope of the roof, what the warehouse will be storing, and how energy efficient the building needs to be.

Warehouse Roofing Consideration

Warehouse Roofing - State Farm Computer Programming Most warehouses share a number of standard features like large building footprints and low slope roofs. Metal roofing is often ideal for warehouses because it is a long-lasting solution that can accommodate these features.

For instance, because of the larger footprint of most warehouses, a wider panel system can help to lower installation costs.

The low slope of most warehouse roofs, on the other hand, causes the roof to shed water more slowly, which means larger water depths on the panel before it manages to drain to a gutter. A standing seam and tall depth metal roofing system (238T or 3” trapezoidal panel) can help to accommodate the more considerable water depths.

Warehouses also tend to have long panel runs, so panel systems that can accommodate thermal expansion are advantageous.

Another consideration is what the warehouse will be used to store. Cyber companies storing billions of dollars of electrical systems will be more willing to spend significant dollars on the building and a more weather-tight roof than a company that stores less sensitive materials.

Metal Warehouse Roofing

238T Panel Warehouse RoofingThe specific building application and design specifications should be considered when selecting a roofing system. In general, however, many warehouse owners elect a 3” trapezoidal panel. These are widely available in 24” widths and have a tall standing seam that holds the seam well above potential flood plains. Furthermore, they are available in snap or mechanically seamed varieties.

Also popular are T-panel systems such as 238T. Also available in 24” width and has a 2 3/8” tall seam.

McElroy Metal Warehouse Roofing Solutions

There are two roofing systems we recommend for warehouse roofing, the MasterLok family of products and the 238T.

Rio Warehouse RoofingThe MasterLok product line is a great warehouse panel because the clips accommodate thermal expansion and contraction and the 3” seam keeps water on the roof and not in the building. It’s available in 24” widths which makes installation quick. Panel laps will be required for long panel runs.

While the MasterLok family of products provide an excellent warehouse roofing solution, the 238T system would be an even better choice.

The 238T system can be onsite roll formed, which would give one continuous length panel from the high side to low. Furthermore, multispan clips make this panel one of the strongest wind uplift performers on the market. Its wide available widths and tall height make installation quick and keeps water on the roof and not in the building. Lastly, if a panel is damaged, it’s easy to replace a single panel with this system.

Roof Color and Energy Efficiency

Since most warehouse roofing is low slope, the roof isn’t typically visible from the ground. With few people looking at the roof many building owners opt to forgo a paint system and instead chose bare Galvalume to save money.

While no roof paint is a perfectly fine decision, the roof color does offer building owners an easy way to increase the energy efficiency of their building.

If building owners chose a roof color with a high solar reflectance index (SRI) value, like white, the roof would get less hot, and the HVAC system won’t have to work as hard. So, while a paint color with a high SRI value will make the roof slightly more expensive up front the energy savings from increased energy efficiency often make painting the roof preferable.

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