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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Feb 20, 2024 8:00 AM

Product Feature: Titebond

Pairing your metal materials with the best products is the key to a durable, weather-tight installation. We recommend several outstanding products when installing our metal panels, one of which is Titebond.

titebondEstablished in 1935, Franklin International is among the largest privately held manufacturers of adhesives and sealants in the U.S. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Franklin operates 11 distribution centers in the U.S. and worldwide. Under the brand name Titebond, this division is dedicated to manufacturing adhesives and sealants for the construction industry.

Craig Finn, a Mcelroy Metal manager and early adopter of Titebond, recalled how he came to discover this impressive product. He said, "It all started in 2009 with an unplanned visit from a sales rep - Paul Glazer at Titebond. I was inclined to politely avoid the conversation because I was in the middle of a project, but Paul was persistent and asked for just five minutes of my time. Following Paul's presentation about the benefits of Titebond we were intrigued, and he ended the presentation by assigning us an experiment. He asked us to put one of the tubes of Titebond sealant in the freezer overnight, and the next morning to apply the tube directly from the freezer to two piece of metal under water. He asked us to pull the metal pieces from the water the next day and let him know what we thought.  Well, that experiment was the start of Titebond and McElroy Metal - we have chosen them ever since."
Craig goes on to say, "Looking back, I'm so glad I gave Paul and Titebond their five minutes. It started a great relationship with this brand, and introduced us to an excellent product line that our customers love."

McElroy Metal engineers have found Titebond products incredibly effective; our Engineering Manager, Stephen Knight, says, "Titebond is one of our favorite products when it comes to metal roof sealant. It adheres well to our Kynar and Galvalume panel surfaces and offers remarkably strong bonding strength."


Recently, we chatted with Jessica Robbins at Franklin International regarding Titebond, and here is what she had to say:

Congratulations on almost 90 years in business – what an achievement! What is Franklin International's vision?

Thank you! Our vision is to be the most trusted adhesion company in the world.

WoodGlues_PP_TBHideGlueWhat was your first product?

It all started with the first ready-to-use liquid hide glue in 1935 – a product that required no heat, revolutionizing the furniture manufacturing industry.

How has Titebond's direction evolved?

We have expanded our product lines and offerings to the construction industry over the years, but we have remained committed to providing superior quality products and services to our loyal customers. Our vertical integration helps us stay at the forefront of adhesive technologies, allowing us to listen and adapt to ever-evolving customer needs.

Caulks_PP_100SiliconeTell us about what Titebond offers to metal contractors.

We offer exact color-matching sealants to the most popular metal manufacturers, along with high-performance products, short lead times, and excellent customer and technical service. We are also proudly made in the USA!

What is your top-selling metal-friendly product?

Our Titebond WeatherMaster Metal Roof Sealant is our most popular product for metal roofing applications, but we make other metal-friendly adhesives and sealants, too.

We have experienced some wild winter weather across the country this year - what are your top weatherproof products?

Our WeatherMaster line of sealants, including our Metal Roof Sealant, are specifically designed for extreme weather conditions – they are UV-resistant, can be applied in low temperatures, will not freeze, and will even adhere to wet materials, making installation in any weather condition easy for the installer!

Let's discuss the Siding Color Match feature – how does this tool serve metal contractors?

Our color matching tool provides an easy way for contractors to find the exact color they need – available on our website, this tool is constantly updated as new metal products are launched and new colors are added to the market!

Stephen Knight also praised the convenience of Titebond’s color selection, saying, "The wide array of color choices plays a big role in Titebond's popularity. Buying adhesive premixed to the manufacturer's exact color eliminates worry about messy application or painting the sealant to match."

Is 2024 bringing new products from Titebond?

We have some new product launches coming this year that we're very excited about – stay tuned!

We can't wait to hear more about these new products! How can contractors get connected with what you have to offer?

Titebond products can be found in retail and lumber yard locations nationwide. Check with your local building materials distributor on specific product availability. You can also visit for additional product information or visit our YouTube page to see our products in action!

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Franklin International and the Titebond division. If you want to explore their extensive line of great products, check out their website!

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