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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Apr 18, 2024 8:00 AM

Product Feature: SFS Intec

Product Feature: SFS Intec

McElroy Metal is proud to partner with trusted brands like SFS Intec to provide the best accessories available. We recently spoke with James Mathis, the District Sales Manager at SFS Intec. We were honored to catch up with the SFS team and learn more about their history, diverse products, and goals for future growth.

SFS has a fascinating story - can you take us back to the beginning?

SFS_LogoThe history of SFS began in 1928 in what was then the Stadler hardware store in Altstätten, Switzerland. Presswerk Heerbrugg AG, founded in 1960, laid the cornerstone for the international development of industrial activities. We have been supplying our customers in the U.S. for 55 years, and our range of products is constantly growing.

What is the mission statement behind the SFS brand?

We call this our ‘DNA’, simply phrased as ‘inventing success together’. We strive towards success with improvement and innovation, and we do so in close partnership with our customers, work colleagues, and suppliers. Together, we are successful, we continuously improve ourselves, and we push technological limits. ‘Inventing success together’ -reflects this – our value promise.

What product did you begin with?

1960 was the start of production activities with the realization of the first double-pressure parts and system screws for double-glazing windows.

How has SFS's direction evolved over the years?

SFS evolved not only with internal innovation to develop solutions for our customers but also through acquisitions of manufacturing companies with different skill sets to meet our customers' requirements. We are continuously seeking to diversify, find new applications, and develop new products. SFS strives to be a leader in innovation in an ever-changing world.

What is one thing you would love for people to know about SFS as a company?

SFS isn't just a fastener manufacturer for construction. We also manufacture components for the aircraft, automotive, electronic, and medical industries. Our fasteners have been in iPhones and smartwatches, the precision instruments surgeons require to repair torn cartilage or perform heart surgeries, airbag and restraint systems, powertrains and brake systems, and aircraft light panels and sidewalls, just to name a few examples.

What sets SFS apart?

SFS offers in-depth technological competence, application and industry expertise, and values building long-term relationships. We strive to optimize the overall costs to our customers. This provides the advantage of customized products and solutions which offers our customers a stronger differentiation than their competitors. We are driven by the constant desire to invent success together.

What services does SFS Intec offer to contractors?

We're always willing to offer application and technical expertise. Our website provides informative articles and videos to help educate and provide additional technical information. Our ConnectSuite of online tools helps make product selection easy for certain product lines. Other services include rivet tool repair and jobsite support.

What is your top-selling metal-friendly product?

For metal panel to wood applications, our WoodZAC product. For metal-to-metal applications, our #12 Impax Sealer self-drill #3.

What is your newest product for metal construction?

Our Woodgrip+ fastener is designed for metal panel to wood, it is a #10 diameter, with 12/24 threads, and with the control seal washer, provides weathertight security. The unique, innovative thread design pierces multiple layers and metal panels without pre-drilling and leaves virtually no debris or metal chips behind.

Is 2024 bringing anything new from SFS?

We plan to expand our XG product line in 2024. These products will have aggressive threads similar to our XG family of products already in the market, including our #12 Woodgrip XG, #12 WoodZAC XG, and our two XG panel clip screws.

How do customers get connected with your products?

Our website,, is often a first touchpoint and contains a wealth of product and educational information. We also have a team of field sales personnel as well as a knowledgeable team of inside customer support specialists. Our engineers and product managers provide training and answer technical and application questions.

We are here to serve our customers the best we can.

McElroy Metal is thrilled to partner with an outstanding company with so much to offer our industry. We thank SFS Intec for their partnership and look forward to “inventing success together” for many years to come.

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