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Metal Roofing Over Existing Shingles

Installing metal roofing over existing shingles is an excellent way for building owners to not only maximize the longevity of their new roof but also to save on roof tear off expenses.

Why Install Metal Roofing Over Existing Shingles?

ShingleRecover3Shingles might be an inexpensive roofing material, but they require a lot of maintenance and need to be replaced often. Unfortunately, shingles are typically not recycled, and because waste disposal companies receive so many of them, they can charge a large fee to accept shingles.

Metal roofing offers building owners a way out of the shingle replacement cycle.

Metal roofing requires a more significant up-front cost than new shingles, but metal roofing can last 50+ years with minimal to no maintenance. A metal roof can also be used to add curb appeal to a building because they come in a vast variety of styles and colors.

Longevity and aesthetics aside, metal roofing is made from recycled material and is 100% recyclable at the end of its lifespan.

Installing a metal roof over existing shingles also means that any shingle tear off expenses, including disposal fees, are avoided entirely. So, all labor costs, business downtime, and removal costs are entirely avoided. And you get all the benefits of a metal roof.

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Metal Roofing Over Existing Shingles Applications

Roma-roof-recover-1While recover options aren’t always the best solution for every roof, a roof recover system can be an ideal solution for many, and we’ve completed a lot of shingle recover projects over the years. From schools to airplane hangers, you can check out some of our recover projects in our photo gallery here for a quick look at what a recover project can look like.

If you’d like to learn more about the details of some of our roof recover applications, check out these resources:

Learn More about Roof Replacement

Our eBook, Tired of Replacing Your Shingle Roof? Metal-Over-Shingle Recover System Offers a Long-Term Solutions with Cost-Saving Benefitsis designed to help building owners understand and evaluate the roof replacement options available to them. This eBook focuses on the longevity, durability, and environmental advantages of metal roofing over shingles. You can follow the link below to download your copy of Tired of Replacing Your Shingle Roof?

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