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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Jan 4, 2024 8:00 AM

Metal Panel Facades: Where Design Meets Function

If your home or business remains functional on the inside but could use a facelift on the outside, you might consider adding a façade. Also known as “cladding”, adding premium metal panels to your exterior can provide many benefits.

visionline-facadeWhat Is a Façade?

A façade is a non-structural exterior or the outward “face” of a building, and the façade can serve many purposes. 

  • Adds style and beauty
  • Protects against the elements
  • Increased sustainability

 A wide variety of materials can be used to create a building façade including stone, glass, brick, concrete, timber, and aluminum composite material (ACM) panels. 

While these materials each have a distinctive aesthetic, there is one choice that will stand the test of time and give you the aesthetics, defense against the elements, and sustainability you need.    

The Aesthetic Advantage

Metal wall panels offer an incredible range of colors, textures, and design styles. Favored by designers and architects, the addition of metal creates dimension and visual interest and pairs well with any design style. Whether the building’s style is rustic, modern, or traditional, metal panels blend seamlessly into the design.

McElroy Metal offers a beautiful range of colors, giving customers more opportunities to customize their building. Our extensive color selection allows the façade to reflect branding elements of a commercial building or add curb appeal to a residential property. 

Explore our paint colors here!

While there are several paint systems available for metal products, we recommend the Kynar 500® system. This paint system offers superior long-term performance with the best resistance to fade and chalk.

In addition to our range of colors, we also offer several printed graphic designs, including Camo and Woodgrain prints. These create stunning visual effects.

Metal finishes also add dimension and interest to a façade, and there is the perfect match for every design style.

Be Weather-Ready

Metal panels offer a great first line of defense against Mother Nature. Metal facades offer great resistance to strong winds and hailstorms, and their fire-resistant nature gives peace of mind to the owner and occupants.

Choose Sustainability

Metal materials meet the criteria of “sustainable” in many ways! Their durability and long lifespan make metal a smart investment that stands the test of time with minimal maintenance and repairs.

Praised as energy-efficient, metal materials can help the planet and the bottom line. The radiative properties of cool metal roofing reduce the amount of heat transfer into the living or attic space below the roof, which in turn lowers air conditioning and energy costs. Studies have shown that a cool metal roof can save a building owner as much as 20% in their heating and cooling costs.

Another aspect of its sustainability comes at the end of the metal panel’s lifecycle; metal materials are 100% recyclable. This helps to eliminate the waste stream to landfills, where most conventional roofing and siding end up. Each year, about 20 billion pounds of old composition roofing shingles are dumped into US landfills.

Other Considerations

As you endeavor to make the best material selection for your façade, consider the following topics as well.

Installation and Repair

Adding a metal façade is typically a quick and easy installation process with minimal impact on your daily operations. While rare, if repairs are needed after the original installation, some metal panels also allow for the replacement of a single panel within the system.

It’s also important to choose an experienced and experienced contractor to handle the installation and repairs in the future. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out our Find A Contractor tool to locate reputable contractors in your area.

Cost Benefits

While metal materials might be a larger initial investment, the cost-benefit becomes evident as the metal panels endure year after year. The ROI on your investment becomes clear as you experience a product with decades-long life expectancy, low maintenance, energy efficiency, and easy repairability.  

If a façade is in your building’s future, contact us to discuss your project specifics.

See what our metal roofing and wall panels will look like on your project with our Visualizer

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