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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Apr 11, 2024 8:00 AM

Central Roofing Tops Park Building with McElroy Metal Medallion-Lok

Central Roofing LLC of Mattoon, Ill., installs a variety of materials for new and re-roofing commercial and residential projects throughout the Midwest. They are a true one-stop shop for building owners roofing needs.

When the Decatur (Ill.) Park District was looking for a long-term and attractive solution for a re-roofing job on the Mueller Building at Mueller Park, Tyler Burich, the Commercial Operations Manager at Central Roofing, presented the board with the plans to install a standing seam metal roofing system from McElroy Metal.

“Originally, they were looking for something to install over the worn-out three-tab asphalt shingles,” Burich says. “We showed them they would get a better product for the long term if we removed the old shingles. Ultimately, that’s the way we went. Once we removed the shingles, our crew found the deck boards to be in good shape, so there were no surprises there.”

Central Roofing has been working with McElroy Metal for approximately two years and installs approximately 1,000 residential roofs annually, as well as commercial, industrial, and institutional projects. Central Roofing installs EPDM, TPO, PVC, and modified bitumen roofing for commercial projects and has residential crews install stone-coated metal roofing and asphalt shingles.

“McElroy Metal prepares stamped and engineered shop drawings for our projects,” Burich says. “They help make the installation as easy as possible, which helps us offer the best solutions for our customers.”

McElroy Metal delivered the panels, some up to 47 feet long, to the jobsite, packaged and ready for installation. The slope was 5:12.

Burich says the Decatur Park District was excited about the Medallion-Lok standing seam system from McElroy Metal because it offers longevity and an attractive appearance.

The 16-inch wide 24-gauge Medallion-Lok panels installed on the Mueller Building were a PVDF Ash Gray in color. A total of 17,000 square feet of panels were installed over a Grace Ice & Water Shield. Central Roofing also integrated gutters and downspouts.

“It’s easy to see the new roof as you drive through the neighborhood,” Burich says. “The beauty it has added to the community has drawn a lot of positive comments.”

Medallion-Lok Snap Lock Panels

Medallion-Lok presents a sophisticated solution for standing seam roofing, emphasizing aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. With a slim profile of 1.75 inches, it delivers sharp, defined lines that enhance the visual appeal of any architectural project.

Featuring concealed clips and a snap-together seam mechanism, Medallion-Lok streamlines installation by eliminating the necessity for on-site seaming. Although initially designed for commercial applications, it also serves as a fitting option for high-end residential properties.

McElroy Metal offers factory eave notching services for Medallion-Lok standing seam panels, ensuring precision and efficiency in installation processes.

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