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Pole Barn Metal Roofing

From garages to workshops to storage sheds, pole barns represent an economical way to add covered space to your home or commercial facility; however, selecting the right metal panels is essential to achieving a post frame building you're happy with for the next 30-40 years.   

What are Pole Barns?

pole barn metal roofingPole barns are an example of post frame construction. Post frame construction makes use of wooden posts secured into the ground which serve as the foundation and framing for the structure.

Pole barns are a popular choice for homeowners and business owners.  While the possibilities are endless, common uses for these types of buildings include vehicle/boat storage; workshops; recreational space and even animal confinement.  Savvy consumers recognize that  post frame constructed buildings are typically less expensive and time-consuming to erect than other types of structures.  

Pole Barn Metal Roofing

Due to the basic design elements of post frame construction, exposed fastened panels are the most popular types of covering for both roof and walls.  When exposed fastened panels are attached to the wooden framing, they actually help to tie the building together, or strengthen the load carrying capability.  Additionally, this family of products is one of the most economical to produce and install making it both an affordable and effective option. 

phoca_thumb_l_agricultural-sizeWhile many different types of products can be  used in post frame construction, our exposed fastened Max-Rib and Mesa metal panels are our most popular products for post frame construction.  Both panel types are available in a wide variety of colors and offer a low profile 3/4" rib height with a 9" on center spacing for the major ribs. The biggest difference between the two is that the Mesa panel is a proprietary product to McElroy Metal and features a nearly invisible lap so walls and roofs have a monolithic appearance. 

What many buyers don't realize is that decisions made on substrate and coating systems for the building have a direct impact on the overall satisfaction level. For some applications, it is not necessary to use higher quality materials (shade and shelter applications for instance), but if your pole barn is intended for more extensive, long-term use or if appearance is a factor in your overall satisfaction, then understanding the differences in coatings and substrates is critical.

You can learn more about the substrates and coatings here, but in general, Galvalume panels will provide the longest-lasting results with superior corrosion resistance while Kynar 500® (PVDF) coatings preserve the look of your building and offer the greatest protection from fade and chalk.

The requirements and building use for your specific project will determine which panel system, substrate, and coating are most appropriate.

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