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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Sep 29, 2020 8:00 AM

Spec Writing Considerations For Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels

McElroy Metal has over 57 years of experience helping metal roofing contractors successfully install metal roofing and siding systems. And recently we shared insight on some of the design phase considerations that will impact a projects success, before the contractor ever gets started.  

While the list of suggestions below isn't all-inclusive, it includes some of the more relevant ones when specifying standing seam metal roofing systems:

  1. Establish firm contractor qualification expectations and uphold your spec. While not a guarantee, you’ll typically have far fewer headaches and a better quality install by requiring manufacturer certification and training.
  2. Create a spec of reputable manufacturers and stick to your spec.
  3. Ensure your spec is reviewed by listed manufacturers PRIOR to publishing bid documents.
  4. IMG_3597 Require all penetrations land in the flat of the panel.  While this may seem minor, it can be virtually impossible to properly seal a penetration that penetrates the male/female vertical legs.
  5. If portable roll forming is allowed, always require the production to be completed by factory technicians or approved personnel on manufacturer supplied/approved equipment.
  6. standing seam metal roofing valleysGive proper consideration to valley details.  Believe us, we get it.  Valleys “can” look great on  metal roofing projects when they’re properly designed and installed.  But they can also be a big source of risk.
  7. In an ideal world, you want the manufacturer to produce the shop drawings.
  8. If you want to reduce risk associated with oil canning, be sure to set the expectation in your specification that the installer accepts the substrate and it is within the required plane and free from defects before commencing installation.
  9. In the execution or installation section of your specifications, include the requirement to check panel modularity and adjust as necessary.

Standing seam metal roofs offer a life expectancy of 50-60 years, are virtually maintenance free, 100% recyclable, and can help reduce utility load by 20%. 

If you’re interested in learning more about standing seam metal roofing systems check out our website or contact us any time. We’d love to help your customers reap all of the rewards that metal roofing offers while making your life a little more stress-free at the same time.

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