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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Jun 7, 2021 2:03 PM

5 Benefits of a Metal Commercial Roof

With an increasing frequency, building owners are finding metal roofing to offer benefits ranging from longevity to energy efficiency that help them save both valuable time and money.

Let's dig into some of the key benefits of a commercial metal roof.

Lower Cost

To discuss the cost of a new roof, we need to start by defining two terms: first cost and life cycle cost. 

As you might expect, the first cost is the product cost on the day it is purchased. 

Life cycle costs also include factors like life expectancy, energy savings, replacement cost, and maintenance of a product over its lifetime.

We surveyed a number of commercial building contractors and developed the following initial cost versus the life cycle cost comparison.

Commercial Life Cycle Comparison for 50,000 Sq. Ft. Box Building with 2/12 Slope
Product Type TPO EPDM Membrane 2 ply Cold Adhesive PVC Metal Roof
Expected Service Life 30 30 30 30 60
Number of Square Feet 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000
Initial Cost per Sq. Ft $6.50 $6.63 $11.13 $7.10 $10.94
Initial Roof Cost Total $325,000.00 $331,500.00 $556,500.00 $355,000.00 $547,000.00
2020 per Sq Ft Tear Off Costs $2.85 $3.06 $3.50 $2.95 $0.00
Tear off at Year 30 per sq. ft (Inflation Adjusted) $6.06 $6.42 $7.34 $6.27 0
Total Roof Tear Off Cost @ year 30 $303,000.00 $321,000.00 $367,000.00 $313,500.00 0
Roof Cost per Sq Ft. at Year 30 (Inflation Adjusted) $13.81 $13.91 $23.35 $15.09  
New Roof at Year 30 (Inflation Adjusted) $690,500.00 $695,500.00 $1,167,500.00 $754,500.00 $0.00
60 year Roofing Cost $1,318,500.00 $1,348,000.00 $2,091,000.00 $1,423,000.00 $547,000.00


As is clear from the above chart, the lifetime cost of a metal roof is significantly lower than the costs of other roofing types. Metal roofs require a larger upfront investment but deliver impressive returns over the life of the building.


benefits of a commercial metal roof

One of the most important benefits of commercial metal roofing is longevity.

A commercial roof replacement is a significant expense in terms of both upfront cost and disruption to the business. The selection of long-lasting roofing materials like metal reduces the number of roof replacements necessary in the lifespan of the building.

“When fabricated and installed correctly,” says Steven Danielpour, AIA, principal, and director of specifications at New York-based HOK, metal roofs “can outlast and outperform elastomeric roof systems, SBS-modified [styrene butadiene styrene–modified] roof systems, and single-ply roofs.”1

In fact, metal roofing typically has a lifespan of 60+ years, making it one of the longest-lasting roofing materials on the market today.


Beyond the expected lifespan of the roof, metal roofing is also exceptionally durable and requires minimal maintenance.

For buildings in hail and high wind-prone areas metal roofing is often the best solution to reduce the likelihood of both cosmetic and catastrophic damage.

Hail, wind, fire, and storm damage are far less likely with a metal roof because they are rated as a Class 4 roof by Underwriters Laboratories. This rating means that metal roofs will survive much harsher conditions than those that are not rated Class 4 which often results in lower insurance premiums.

Non-class 4 roof types, especially single-ply, are much more susceptible to hail damage.

This durability is one of the reasons why you see companies in hurricane-prone areas of the country turning more and more to metal roofing.

Energy Efficiency

According to the Department of Energy, 35% of the average building energy costs are spent on heating, cooling, and ventilation. Metal roofing is an easy way to help lower the utility load of a building.

With the addition of a paint system with a high solar reflectance index (SRI) value, like white, the energy efficiency of a building can be significantly increased.

The reduced energy required to heat and cool a commercial building is a huge sustainable advantage as well as a benefit to the building owner.

Environmental Benefits

environmental benefits of commercial metal roof

Metal commercial roofing also offers a number of environmental benefits.

For instance, metal roofing materials are 100% recyclable at the end of their service life.

Not only does it not end its life in a landfill, but metal roofs are often made from recycled materials rather than the crude oil and chemicals other types of roofing are manufactured from.

Additionally, for those considering solar panels, metal roofing is an excellent choice due to its 60-year life expectancy and ability to withstand the harshest elements Mother Nature throws its way.  


Learn More

You can learn more about the benefits of a commercial metal roof and metal roof installation options available in our eBook Need a New Roof? How Building Owners Reduce Cost with a Metal Roof.

Follow the link below to download your copy.

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