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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Jun 20, 2023 8:00 AM

Why Should I Use Cold Formed Metal Framing?

Are you looking for a strong and lightweight building material that stands up to mother nature with a decades-long service life? If so, cold-formed metal framing might be a great option. Cold-formed framing can be used for virtually any type of building, from residential to light commercial, and often represents a solid option instead of the normal workhorse construction methods such as structural pre-engineered and conventional wood construction.

If you’re not familiar with cold-formed metal framing, watch our time-lapse video below to see an in-process build.

With a better idea of just what cold-formed metal framing is and how it assembles, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of this product family. Saving time and money represent two significant advantages.

Saves Time

Cold-formed metal framing also offers quicker availability and construction schedule than other material options.

Once someone has made the decision to invest in a new building, they typically want it yesterday. Contractors and building owners often wait several months for the delivery of a pre-engineered building. Yet cold-formed metal framing components can be delivered to the jobsite within weeks instead of months!

Lead Time Cold Formed BuildingsAdditionally, most parts arrive at the jobsite cut to length, so cold-formed metal framing installs quicker than conventional wood buildings, which require extensive measuring and cutting after delivery.

Cold-formed metal framing also doesn’t require welding during construction. Not only does the weld-free install save time, but it also makes cold-formed buildings much more DIY friendly than pre-engineered buildings.

Saves Money

Cold-formed buildings are often cheaper and quicker to construct than traditional buildings.

Cold-formed metal framed buildings typically install with only a forklift or scaffolding, while pre-engineered steel buildings usually require expensive equipment like cranes. Beyond the cost to rent the necessary equipment, you’re also normally faced with expensive operator costs. And perhaps most importantly, you’re forced to work on someone else’s schedule.

Atkinson Reduced

Since scaffolding and forklifts are easy rental items and can be operated safely with minimal instruction, the equipment cost savings offered on cold-formed buildings vs. pre-engineered can be significant.

Steel metal framing members are also more consistent in size and shape than their wood counterparts which reduce waste and saves time. In fact, LBM Journal conducted a survey and shared that over 30% of their respondents have experienced a decrease in the quality of wood products available for purchase. Some blame the issue on efforts to complete the milling process more quickly, while others blame growers for focusing on lower-quality but faster-growing tree varieties to maximize profits.

Regardless of the cause, lower lumber quality leads to more scrap and increased labor costs, both of which drive up costs.

If you’re interested, download our flyer to learn more about the time and money-saving features of cold-formed metal buildings.


Ultimately, buildings made from cold-formed steel are strong, durable, and resistant to adverse weather conditions, such as high winds, rain, and snow. They are also resistant to mold, fire, termites, and other pests, which helps to ensure that they are long-lasting and low-maintenance.

Cold Formed building Exterior Frame

Is it time for you to take a different approach than what you’ve always done? If so, consider one of the options below.

Visit our Online Estimator

If we’ve piqued your curiosity about cold-formed metal framed buildings, consider taking a few minutes to check out our online estimator.  You can start by selecting the general shape of your building when you pick from some stock images showing different building types. With that decision made, you simply input your building specifics like length, width, and height.  

Then you can move on to selecting colors, product options, and door and window placement. And if all of that isn’t even, there are even fun features that help you visualize how you’ll use your space.


Become a Contractor/Distributor

We’re currently looking to increase the distribution network for our cold-formed metal framing product offering. Partnering with McElroy Metal provides you with nationwide material access and a 60-year history, so you can rest assured that your prospects and customers are in great hands.

Beyond material access, you’ll have the opportunity to receive free leads from our online generator. And if you’re interested, it’s even possible for you to receive a copy of the estimating software, which allows you to produce your own estimates quickly!

Bottom line: Becoming one of our contractors or distributors could be an excellent opportunity to grow your business with both existing customers and new market segments to help you find net new customers.  

To learn more, visit our Become a Contractor/Distributor page, answer a few quick questions, and push submit. We’ll be in touch shortly to discuss.

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