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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Nov 14, 2018 7:00 AM

New Standing Seam Metal Roof for Roma, Texas School

Roma High School in Roma, TX knew they needed a new roof, but it wasn’t until architectural, engineering, and building envelope consultants from Amtech Solutions Inc. did their assessment that they realized how much damage had been caused by their leaking roof.

roma texas standing seam roof

Photo credit: Roofing September-October 2018

Solving the problem required the roof to be entirely replaced and they choose a standing seam metal roof from McElroy Metal for the replacement. The school board was torn between metal and tile, but choose metal because it was the least expensive option.

The new standing seam metal roof was installed over most of the complex including the main roof, the gymnasium, and two free standing structures. The old roof on the main building was replaced with McElroy’s 138T Panel, 16-inch-wide, 24-gauge panel in Brite Red. The gym and two free standing structures roofs were replaced with 238T Panel, 24-inch-wide, 24-gauge panel.

"The reason we picked this roof system is we’ve had a lot of great experience with it," says Michael Hovar, AIA, RPO, LEED AP, a senior architect and the general manager of Amtech Solutions Rio Grand Valley (RGV) office.

"We love that panel because they can actually bring the roll former to the jobsite. That gives the roofing contractor a lot more options on how he can load the roof and sequence the job. The other beauty of this panel is that it has unlimited movement. The panels itself slides back and forth over a fixed clip. It also flashes like a dream."

Rio Roofing, Harlingen, TX was the roofing contractor. Hedley Hichens, vice president of Rio Roofing also appreciates the performance and benefits of the 238T panel. "That 24" panel is a great panel to work with because every time you put on down, you're 2 feet closer to finishing", said Hedley. 

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You can learn more about all the details of this project in the September-October 2018 Issue of Roofing by clicking here.

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