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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Apr 23, 2019 7:00 AM

Metal Roof Canopy Details

A metal roof canopy not only completes the look of a building it also provides years of weather protection and dependable service.

Metal Roof Canopy Applications

metal roof canopy detailsMetal roof canopies are so ubiquitous on commercial buildings that it can be hard to picture our business and shopping districts without them. From gas stations to banks to office parks, metal roof canopies provide protection from the elements all year round.

Some of the most common metal roof canopy applications include things like covering the pump area at gas stations, drive-through windows, bank and drug store drive through areas, convenience store and rest areas, and building entrances.

Anywhere where protection from rain and snow is necessary, a metal canopy can provide that protection.

Metal Roof Canopy Details

We carry two metal roof canopy products. The first, McElroy Metal's Canopy Panel (MCP), is a deluxe option for all canopy installations big and small.

metal roof canopy detailsMCP is a concealed fastener panel system that is ideal for stand-alone canopies like those found at gas stations. MCP is available in a wide range of colors so it can complement any commercial buildings aesthetics.

For applications with a separate roof structure, like those found at bank drive-throughs, Marquee-Lok can extend the roof canopy and provide greater weather protection.

Aluminum Canopies versus Galvalume

When selecting a metal roof canopy, there are typically two types of metal canopies to choose from, aluminum and Galvalume.

metal roof canopy detailsGalvalume is a high-quality material that offers a long service life and is backed by a 25-year steel mill warranty.

Our panels are made from Galvalume steel while many other canopy manufacturers use aluminum. And while both metals would likely have the same Kynar finish warranty, aluminum carries no warranty on the actual base material.

Galvalume steel is also able to carry a much greater load than aluminum. On the other hand, highly reflective paint is often preferable in a canopy and coatings for aluminum can be more reflective than the coatings for Galvalume.

The choice of canopy material is especially important since the purpose of a metal roof canopy is taking the brunt of harsh weather and protect what is beneath it. A longer lasting, better performing canopy is always preferable.  

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Learn more about our MCP Metal Roof Canopy Panels and our Marquee family of products or contact us at any time for more information.

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