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Posted by McElroy Metal ● May 17, 2023 8:00 AM

Galvalume Warranty Lengthened to 45-50 Years!

It's not often something revolutionary happens in our industry. But when it does, it can be a game changer for everyone involved.

Breaking NewsUS Steel, one of the top manufacturers of Galvalume® substrates, recently announced a major change to their Galvalume product warranty.  Historically, they offered a 20-year warranty on their Galvalume product; however, US Steel's new enhanced warranty provides coverage of 45 years for AZ55 bare, acrylic products and 50 years for AZ50 painted products.   

While that may feel like a pretty big jump, US Steel made that decision based on a wealth of research. Galvalume products have been used since the 1960s, and studies consistently show a life expectancy of 60+ years.  With data continuing to show product longevity, it simply made sense for US Steel to extend warranties to their customers. Click here to read the full Galvalume life cycle assessment report and recommended best practices published by the Metal Construction Association.


Few, if any, products in our market offer the level of non-prorated coverage that Galvalume offers, spanning four to five decades.  Instead, most membrane and shingle products offer a pro-rated warranty with coverage that decreases as the roofing system ages.

While US Steel is revolutionizing the industry with its enhanced Galvalume product warranty, not all manufacturers have followed suit.  Consequently, it's important for contractors and building owners to check with their manufacturer of choice to learn what sort of Galvalume warranty terms and guidelines they can expect. 

At McElroy Metal, we're proud to partner with US Steel and consequently offer 45-50 years of non-prorated Galvalume protection to our clients.  If you haven't worked with us before or would like to learn more about the new expanded Galvalume warranty, contact us.

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