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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Mar 7, 2024 8:00 AM

Contractor Corner - Collins Roofing and Sheet Metal

Collins Roofing & Sheet Metal, formerly known as The Metal Roofing Company, is a reputable metal roofing company that serves Minnesota and Wisconsin. Collins Roofing offers both residential and commercial roofing, and they specialize in installing metal roofs. Their customer-focused service matches their reputation for high-quality professional installations. Collins Roofing has been a loyal McElroy Metal customer for ten years, and we are grateful they continue to choose our products for their customers.


Their motto is "To create as little of a disruption in the lives of our customers as possible while providing fast, stress-free, quality work that is done right the first time.”
Their commitment to this vision is evident as their business continues to grow and flourish. 

What is your top-selling or most consistently requested project?

"Our bread and butter are residential projects; specifically, Maxima Panel 1.5" seam 16" O.C. metal panel in residential applications."

What is the most common "myth" or concern homeowners express to you about installing a metal roof?

"The most common question we receive from homeowners is whether or not their roof will be loud when it rains. Many people have been inside a pole barn or a shed when it starts to drizzle, and they think their house will sound like that. We assure them that tests have proven that it is less than 5 decibels louder than asphalt roofs, and that is because we apply the roof straight down onto the deck of the roof and not raised on purlins. Because of this installation element, the metal does not resonate like in a pole barn. I usually tell people that it is much like comparing an electric guitar to an acoustic guitar; it's the same instrument, but an electric guitar doesn't resonate like an acoustic guitar."

If you are considering metal vs. shingles or another material for a project, what makes you choose metal?

"In our region, the main reason to choose metal is for snow loads. Metal roofing helps the snow slide off the roof, which is important in our climate. Secondarily, metal roofing is about half the dead weight of asphalt shingles, so the live load allowed on it is greater, which can relieve people concerned about the perils of snow build-up on their roofs."

How would you describe your experience working with McElroy Metal?

"McElroy Metal has been great! No one has come close to the ease of ordering, customer service, and pricing we get from McElroy Metal. Our sales reps have made our relationship with McElroy Metal very enjoyable."

How do you walk customers through the construction process? 

"Lots and lots of communication. We communicate through emails, phone calls, and automatic updates because we are not just a re-roofing business. We are a high-end metal roofing company, and our customers expect high-end service. We focus on over-communicating and ensuring they know who to contact with concerns. They know that they are heard throughout the process."

What do you consider a "win" at the end of a project?

"The most important thing to us is to know that we have done a good job, that the roof won't leak, and that the customer is happy at the end of the project."

What are you most proud of about your company?

"I'm proud of our stance and desire to do things right. Roofers know that not all jobs will be perfect, but when there are problems, we ensure our customers remain satisfied. We will go the extra mile to ensure their problems or concerns are heard, valued, and acted upon"

What makes your company stand out in the industry?

"We are "Metal" roofers! While we install all roofing materials, we specialize in metal and are confident in our ability to do it right the first time. One of the main feedback we hear from customers is that they appreciate our knowledge of our products and how we apply it to their situation. We want to help solve the customer's problem, not just sell them a roof."

Do you have a company-wide goal for 2024? 

"We are expecting and planning to double our total revenue from last year, which is huge! We aim to grow into new markets and expand our territory even further. We like to do hard things and do them well."

We are cheering on Collins Roofing & Sheet Metal in their big goals for 2024, and we look forward to partnering with their team as they continue to grow.

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