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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Aug 13, 2019 8:00 AM

Residential Metal Roofing Panel Options

Selecting the best metal roof for your home does not have to be complicated. While there are many styles and color options available, some basic knowledge will help with the selection process. There are two main types of metal roofing systems available, exposed fastener and concealed fastener panels. Aesthetic preference, budget, and desired performance will impact which style is right for your home.

Exposed Fastener Panels

Max rib exposed fastener residential metal roofing panel optionExposed fastener systems are typically installed over solid decking or existing shingles, and are the most economical options on the market.

This style of metal roofing is attached with fasteners that penetrate the metal panel, securely anchoring them into the structure below. The fasteners are visible, so they are typically coated in the color as the panels so that they are less noticeable.

McElroy Metal offers many exposed fastener panel options to meet a variety of aesthetic and performance preferences.

Mesa residential metal roofing panel option

Options like Max-Rib and Mesa exposed fastener panels are gaining in popularity in the residential market because they offer the advantages of metal roofing and an attractive aesthetic at a lower price point.

Our 5V panel is a more traditional-looking metal panel and is popular in coastal areas. Met-Tile gives homeowners the look of tile with all of the longevity and performance advantages of metal.

Concealed Fastener Panels

residential metal roofing panel options

Concealed fastener panel systems are joined together with an integral locking seam and are attached to the structure with fasteners or clips that are not visible because they are hidden underneath the panels.

Typically more expensive than exposed fastener panels, concealed fastener systems are a step-up from exposed fastener panels and come in a variety of seam heights and appearances.

Meridian Roof Panel Seam residential metal roofing panel option

The Medallion-Lok and 138T systems, for instance, are installed with clips that attach directly to the deck. The Meridian system is a clipless standing seam system and is attached to the roof deck with pancake head fasteners through a slot hidden under the panel.

There are also concealed fastener systems like the Milan Shingle that mimic the look of shingles for homeowners who prefer those styles of roof. Milan shingles have tabs that allow the panels to be attached directly to the roof deck. The tabs and fasteners are then concealed by adjoining panels.

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You can learn more about residential roofing substrates, coatings, warranties, and panel options in our new eBook, the Residential Metal Roofing Guide. Click the link below to download your copy!

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Learn everything you need to know about Residential Metal Roofing. Check out our metal roofing resources for inspiration and answers to your questions.

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