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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Aug 21, 2019 8:00 AM

Post Frame Construction

Post frame construction is an economical and efficient building option for homeowners who want to add a new building to their property.

Advantages of Post Frame Construction

post frame constructionPost frame construction is characterized by the use of solid wooden posts secured into the ground. Fewer materials are needed for a post frame building than a stud-wall construction because the posts and interlocking frame can sustain higher loads. Post frame buildings also feature large wall cavities that are ideal for added insulation.

Two of the most significant advantages of post frame construction are that it is less expensive and quicker to erect than other construction methods. Cost and time savings contribute significantly to the popularity of this style of building for residential uses like garages, hobby shops, workshops, and animal confinement applications.

Post frame buildings can also add to the aesthetics curb-appeal of your property with durable and long-lasting construction made with high-quality building materials.

Material Selection

Metal wall and roof panels are popular choices for post frame buildings, but not all metal panels are created equally.

post frame constructionMany homeowners hear about the long lifespan of metal panels and believe that price is the only consideration when shopping around for a panel style. However, there is a big difference in quality, longevity, and durability between a “painted metal” panel and a high performing metal panel that features a Galvalume steel substrate and a Kynar 500® (PVDF) coating/paint system.

The substrate and coating are two significant considerations you should be aware of when selecting a metal panel.

The substrate is the core of the metal panel. The two most common substrates are Galvanized and Galvalume. Galvanized substrates are coated in zinc, while Galvalume substrates are coated with an alloy of zinc plus aluminum. Both are suitable for metal panel construction, but Galvalume substrates offer the best performance and longest lifespan. In fact, steel mills warranty Galvalume substrates against rupture or perforation due to corrosion. Similar warranties do not exist for Galvanized options.

A coating, or paint, is the part of your panel that will bear the brunt of the elements. UV rays, rain, and everything else nature throws at your building will be directly impacting the coating. So, it’s crucial to select a coating system that will hold up over time.

post frame constructionKynar 500® systems offer the best performance, protecting against chalk and fade. There are other paint systems on the market that are typically less expensive than Kynar 500® systems, but they offer lower performance and are more prone to chalk and fading.

Which substrate and coating are right for you will be determined by your application. For instance, if you are building a basic shade and shelter structure, you might be less concerned about long term performance and appearance. A garage that will be highly visible and expected to perform for years to come would warrant a higher quality substrate and coating system.

Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor or supplier for product specifications when shopping for post frame construction materials. The right substrate and coating selection will provide decades of service life. The wrong selection could lead to premature failure and disappointment.

Learn More

You can learn more about post frame construction, panel selection, and explore project photos here.

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