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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Sep 2, 2021 8:00 AM

Popular Metal Wall and Roof Panels for Barndominiums

There are many metal wall and roof panel options available to barndominium owners so the selection process is often overwhelming. Our goal in this article is to help you better understand the options available and guidance in making the right choices that fit your needs.

Learn everything you need to know about barndominiums.

Barndominium Panel Options

Pre Engineered Metal Buildings and Post Frame (or Pole Barn) buildings are the most common structures for barndominiums.  If your barndominium is a pre-engineered metal building, the industry standard for wall and roof panels is an exposed fastener panel like R-Panel or Multi-Rib

These panels are typically made from 26 gauge steel and coated with a Siliconized Modified Polyester (SMP) or Kynar 500 (PVDF) coating. Selecting the best coating for a barndominium is an important consideration and will be covered in greater detail below.

post frame barndominium

Post Frame Barndominium


If your barndominium is a post frame building, the industry standard for wall and roof panels is an “ag Panel, such as Max-Rib and Mesa.  Ag panels are typically made from 29 gauge steel and are also available with both SMP and PVDF coatings. 

If you are wondering why Pre Engineered Metal buildings and Post frame buildings have different standards for wall and roof panels, this blog post may be of interest.

While R-Panel and Ag-Panel are the standard offerings for barndominiums, there are other options available.  For example, some people like the classic appearance of the old-time corrugated panels, like Multi-Cor or M-Cor. Corrugated panels can easily be accommodated by most builders.


R-Panels, Ag Panels, and corrugated panels are all classified as exposed fastener panels, meaning the panels are attached to the framing using fasteners that penetrate the panel and engage with the frame or substrate below. All of these panels can be utilized for both walls and roofs. 

Concealed fastener wall and roof systems are also an option for barndominiums. Concealed fastener systems offer a different aesthetic appeal and improved performance, so they could be considered upgrades. These systems are attached with clips and/or fasteners that are underneath the panel and hidden from view. Wave panel is a concealed fastener wall panel that can be used on barndominiums.

For roofing, Standing seam panels feature concealed fasteners, and products like Meridian, Medallion-Lok and Maxima are all good options for barndominiums. For more information regarding the differences between exposed fastener and concealed fastener roofing, check out this recent blog post

Barndominium Coating Options

Exposed Fastener Systems: The two most popular coatings for exposed fastener panels are PVDF and Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP). PVDF coatings, also known by the Kynar 500 brand name, are proven to provide the greatest protection against fade and chalk and will keep your barndominium looking fresh and new for the long term. Fortunately, the additional investment for PVDF coatings is virtually insignificant when added to the cost of the entire project. When it comes to long-term performance, PVDF coatings are simply superior to SMP. 

Concealed Fastener Systems: PVDF coatings are the industry standard for standing seam systems, so SMP coatings are typically not even available. You may wonder why SMP coatings are available for exposed fastener panels and not concealed fastener panels. The reason is performance-based. Standing seam systems are commonly installed on architectural and commercial projects and SMP coatings are just not specified for these applications due to their lower performance than PVDF coatings. 


Wave Wall Panel with Medallion-Lok Roof

Liner Panels

Metal Liner panels for barndominiums are wall and ceiling panels installed on the interior to cover substructural members and provide a finished appearance. Just like the exterior, R-Panel and Ag Panels are the most common liner panels for Bandos. Since liner panels are not exposed to nature’s elements, panel fade and chalk are not a concern. Therefore, a straight polyester coating system is typically utilized for the coating. R-Panel, Multi-Rib, and Max-Rib are all common liner panels for barndominiums. 

liner panels for barndominiums

Barndominiums are growing in popularity every day due to the design, space, cost, and construction flexibility they offer. Be sure you know your metal roof and wall panel options before you make your final decision. You will be glad you did once your barndominium is ready for use!

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