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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Jul 6, 2023 10:40:48 AM

A McElroy Minute with Cyndi Culpepper

Our next employee-owner spotlight focuses on Cyndi Culpepper. Cyndi began her career with McElroy Metal nearly 22 years ago. During her tenure, she has worked as a Rover, Assistant Manager and now serves as the Service Center Store Manager at our Chesapeake, Virginia location.

20230109_184216In her role as Store Manager, Cyndi is responsible for assisting customers in selecting products, placing orders, invoicing, training employees, managing inventory and operating expenses, and much more. She does all of this while working to put a smile on the customer’s face. Cyndi says, “I have stayed at McElroy because I believe that they care about their employees and customers. That is hard to come by”.

We asked Cyndi a few questions about her job and what she enjoys doing in her free time, and here is how she responded:

What do you like most about your job? Meeting and helping new and established customers and working with the family here at McElroy.

Who is your biggest mentor at McElroy? My biggest mentor in the company is Rickie Furr. Rickie can talk to you, explain and show you things in a way that makes it easy to retain. He teaches by example and shows you there is a way to get almost anything done. And does it all with a smile.

What advice do you give new hires? Use the Resource Center. There is so much valuable information there. Go on there every chance you can. Pick and study a panel, ask questions, learn about it, and move to the next. Installation manuals are also a great tool.

What’s the best part of working at McElroy Metal? I have always had the motto that you have to enjoy where your work and what you do. If you do not enjoy going to work and do not smile, laugh, or have a happy feeling those 8-9 hours you are at work, you are in the wrong job. I have always enjoyed my career here. I look forward to going to work, seeing my team at work, and my customers. Yes, there are those days or those moments, but they NEVER last long. This is a great job.

What is the biggest challenge in your career? Aluminum. Our biggest challenge is that we are in an area with a great demand for aluminum, and we cannot meet the needs of those customers the way we would or should. To end that call with nothing productive is heartbreaking.

What is your favorite food/hobby? My favorite food is authentic Mexican food, and my hobbies include sewing quilts, baby blankets, and novelties.Quilts

What is something, not many people know about you? Every August, we drive two hours up the road “out of our way” so I can buy some New Mexico Hatch Green Chile and smell the aroma of it as they roast it for us (the grocery store ships it in and does a big roasting weekend). We purchase a case to bring home, peel and separate for consumption until the next August. I am from Albuquerque, NM, so this is a major thing for me.


What does your ideal weekend look like? Out on a boat in the middle of nowhere, floating all day and fishing with my hubby.


So where is your favorite fishing spot? The Chesapeake Bay

Where are you happiest? I am happiest getting to love on my ittie-bitties. I have eleven grandchildren, ranging from 2 ½ months to 15 years old. Seven boys and four girls spread out over five states. It is impossible to get a photo of all of us together!


Employment at McElroy Metal

McElroy Metal’s success over the years is largely attributed to the talented and dedicated employees across the country. McElroy Metal’s extensive footprint of locations and distinct business units offer employment candidates a wide variety of fulfilling options such as manufacturing, customer service, retail and corporate positions.

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