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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Jun 6, 2024 8:00 AM

The Ultimate Guide to Metal Roof Purlins: Importance and Installation Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Metal Roof Purlins: Importance and Installation Tips

Metal roof purlins are steel horizontal support beams for metal roofing systems. They help distribute the weight of the roof evenly and enhance durability against environmental stressors. This guide explores the importance of metal roof purlins in constructing durable metal roofs and how they help extend their lifespan.

What Are Metal Roof Purlins?

Roofing systems often use plywood sheathing or purlins to tie the main trusses or rafters together and serve as an attachment point for the final roofing product. Most folks are familiar with Plywood or OSB decking in these applications; however, the same familiarity doesn’t always exist for purlins.  Metal roof purlins are fundamental structural components in metal roofs. Commonly made from steel, purlins primarily come in two forms — Zee-purlins and Cee-purlins. These are named after their shape, which resembles the letters Z and C. Purlins cover the entire length of the roof, transferring the roof’s weight to the primary building structure.

  • Zee-purlins are ideal for heavy-load areas.
  • Cee-purlins are more versatile and easier to install, fitting various uses.

Purlins have different finishes, such as red oxide primer, galvanized coating, or gray paint. The red oxide primer is cost-effective and quick to apply but may darken the building's look. Galvanized purlins cost more but last longer and keep the building looking bright. Gray paint typically needs a special order, adding to the cost and wait time, but it also results in a brighter building.


The Importance of Metal Roof Purlins

Metal roof purlins greatly contribute to the structural integrity and longevity of roofing systems. They serve as the primary support for the roof cover, effectively spreading out weight across the building's frame. The even load distribution helps prevent issues such as sagging, rolling, and deflection.

Purlins also play a significant role in extending the lifespan of metal roofs. They enable engineers to adjust design specifications to meet specific wind loads and provide a reliable surface for attaching roofing panels. Purlins also promote water drainage and help prevent ponding at the eaves. This results in longer panel life and minimizes leaks.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Metal Roof Purlins

To choose the right purlins for the job, consider these factors:

  1. Roof Design and Pitch

The structural design and pitch of your roof will dictate the type of purlins required. Different designs may require varying purlin sizes and orientations to support the roof effectively.

  1. Web Size and Gauge

Finding the right balance between larger web sizes for strength and lighter gauges for cost savings requires some calculation but provides the best results.

  1. Environmental Factors

In environments prone to corrosion, galvanized purlins are preferred for their enhanced durability and resistance to rust.

  1. Cost Effectiveness

It is important to balance the quality of the purlins with their cost. Opting for the most economical option that still meets the structural requirements can significantly reduce overall project costs.

Tips for Metal Roof Purlin Installation

Here are some essential tips for installing purlins:

  1. Proper Spacing and Alignment

Refer to manufacturer guidelines for specific spacing requirements. Locating purlins for proper alignment is critical for structural integrity and uniform load distribution.

  1. Fastening Methods

Use appropriate fastening techniques to secure purlins to the structure’s main frame. Common methods include bolts or self-drilling screws. Securely attach roof panels to the purlins to prevent leaks and enhance durability.

  1. Insulation Considerations

Installing insulation in conjunction with purlins affects thermal performance. Ensure that the insulation does not compromise the spacing or alignment of the purlins and is compatible with other roofing materials.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Metal Roof Purlins

Avoid these common mistakes when installing roof purlins.

  1. Inadequate Spacing or Improper Alignment

Ensure spacing and alignment conform to the manufacturer's specifications to support load distribution effectively.

  1. Improper Lap Condition

Always match lap conditions with building specifications to maintain structural integrity.

  1. Incorrect Fasteners or Methods

Use the right fasteners and follow recommended installation methods for secure and durable connections.

  1. Ignoring Environmental Factors

Consider local climate and environmental conditions that could impact purlin performance and longevity.

Regular Maintenance and Inspection of Metal Roof Purlins

You should schedule regular maintenance checks for roof purlins to ensure structural integrity. Look for signs of rust, bowing, or deflection. Regular cleaning, repainting, and tightening fasteners will also prolong the lifespan of both purlins and the roofing system.

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