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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Feb 7, 2024 8:00 AM

Contractor Corner - North Shreve Steel

Recently, we chatted with Roger Johnson, owner of North Shreve Steel and one of McElroy Metal's long-standing customers. Roger founded North Shreve Steel in 1981 in Shreveport, Louisiana, quickly becoming a go-to source for premium office buildings, warehouses, and storage facilities.

North Shreve Steel offers full service on commercial construction projects. Customers begin by working with their in-house draftsman to design the perfect space and then select the products the North Shreve Steel team uses to shape and build the structure.

From concept to construction, North Shreve Steel does it all.


What is your top-selling or most consistently requested project?

"Office/warehouse combinations. These practical buildings are all the rage right now."

Guardian North Shreve

What is your top-selling or most frequently used product?

"In the last year, we've seen a huge uptick in the use of horizontal Mega-Rib exposed fastener panels. These panels have a polished, upgraded look that is accepted by city codes, and they also give customers the performance they expect from metal panels."

Why do you encourage customers to choose metal?

"I am very honest with them. Wood frames might be a little bit cheaper on the front end, but in 10 years, when they are having problems with wear-and-tear and product degradation, we won't be. Metal is the clear choice in the long run."

What do you feel is the most common "myth" or concern customers express about installing a metal roof?

"The biggest concern my customers mention is the effect of condensation in the Louisiana humidity. They worry about damage to their structure as the humidity causes "sweating." I always assure them that we install adequate insulation to counteract the condensation and preserve the performance and lifespan of their building."


Tell me about your experience working with McElroy Metal

"When we started our business, McElroy Metal was very supportive and helpful. Through the years, they have provided excellent, reliable service - it wasn't just about numbers, it was about the relationships."

"Our McElroy Metal sales representative has always been wonderful to work with. She gave us her cell phone number, and she is always available and responsive - that kind of service is invaluable, especially to a small business."

What do you consider a "win" at the end of a project?

"I consider the win to be a happy customer! I also take pride in driving by a project and feeling pleased with it. I want every job to exceed expectations, and when I drive by a North Shreve Steel job and feel proud of it, that's a win."


What are you most proud of about your company?

"I am proud that we are able to be a part of building important parts of our community. I provide free resources, plans, and guidance for church construction projects, and North Shreve Steel has been a part of constructing many of the churches in our area. I love giving back to the community in that way."



What makes your company stand out in the industry?

"Our motto is that we do what we say. We stay true to our word and follow through on our plans and promises; our customers can depend on that. I started this company in 1981 with the intention of honoring my word to my customers, and 43 years later, that is still the guiding principle of North Shreve Steel."


What trends do you see for building in 2024?

"I am seeing a big increase in people choosing standing seam panels - the heat and humidity in Louisiana causes expansion in some materials, which leads to leaks, and the design of the standing seam panels eliminates that risk of expansion and damage. It's worth the investment in cost and labor to have a roof that withstands elements like humidity and heat, and I'm glad my customers are choosing materials that will last."

Do you have a company-wide goal or resolution for 2024?

"We want to continue to expand what we offer to our customers, and we are continually working to improve quality and craftsmanship to offer outstanding products."

We are proud to partner with local companies that offer their customers the best in service and construction. Congratulations to North Shreve Steel on 43 years of business, and we look forward to many more years and projects together.

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