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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Jul 11, 2023 7:00 AM

McElroy Metal Roof Makes Chip Wade's Newest House Unique

You may have seen some of our videos and social media posts about our partnership with the host, designer, and executive producer of the Emmy Award Winning series Elbow Room, Chip Wade.

As the host, designer, and executive producer of his Emmy Award Winning series, Elbow Room, Chip is there from concept through construction to show HGTV and DIY viewers how to customize their spaces and transform houses into homes that perfectly suit their lifestyles.

He has become known for his unique ability to utilize cutting-edge materials, processes, and authentic creativity to craft these large-scale, multi-faceted projects.

Nestled in North Georgia’s Blue Mountain Ridge, Pinhoti Peak is one such project. Chip teamed up with McElroy Metal to supply Maxima 2" Rib Standing Seam metal panels for the 6,700 square-foot roof.

chip wade roofThe Maxima family of products by McElroy caters to the diverse requirements of architects and contractors. Each product within this family boasts distinctive performance attributes, allowing users to precisely align a Maxima panel with their desired aesthetic and performance specifications.

For the walls, Chip Wade used McElroy concealed fastener metal Wave Panels.

Chip's specifications called for a metal wall panel without visible fasteners. Our Wave Panels offer an excellent solution, as you can see!

Project aspirations include compelling visuals, nature-inspired restfulness, minimal maintenance, timeless selections, and luxurious interactions. McElroy Metal is honored to have helped Chip and Pauli achieve their vision.

Project Specs:

  • Located in Ellijay, GA, surrounded by 60,000 acres of national forest on three sides.
  • 4,700 finished square footage
  • 5 Bedrooms - 4.5 Bathrooms
  • Has three individual complete suites with three individual kitchens and living areas.
  • Detached apartment called an ADU (accessory dwelling unit).
  • Large outdoor living areas
  • Wide open-air courtyard with outdoor kitchen, container pool, putting green, bocce court, wide fireplace, and 4000 square feet of hardscape
  • Located on 100s of miles of off-road vehicle trails alongside a national hiking trail that ties into the Appalachian Trail.
  • Helicopter Pad

Chip said this about working with McElroy Metal, "I always have full confidence working with McElroy. The product is always up to my standards, and the ability to get the same material, color, and finish in various forms - from standing seam panels to fastener-free siding panels, helps me execute projects at a higher standard."


Who knew the backside of Pinhoti Peak would be the ultimate chill spot? This cozy nook nestled between the house and the mountainside slope is where I unwind. Chip says, "The dual grills let me sear and smoke like a boss, while entertainment options keep me on my toes! The turf transforms into a bocce wonderland, the dining table doubles as a billiard arena, and no Chip-Wade play space would be complete without a killer ping-pong table. I can't resist the allure of this mountain paradise!"



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