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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Nov 3, 2021 8:00 AM

Color Combinations for Residential Metal Roofs

Many of our customers find that once they have chosen to install a metal roof that the most difficult decision can be selecting which color to use. After all, metal panels are painted and coated using high-quality systems and aren’t limited on color options like when installing shingles. The options are abundant when selecting a color for your metal roof!

fanned-color-swatchesWhile paint and color trends come and go, you want the color selection on your metal roof to stand the test of time. You also want the roof color to complement and accent the exterior of your home. There are tried-and-true color combinations that homeowners can use as a guidepost when selecting a paint color for their metal roof system and home’s exterior.

These are some of the most popular color combinations used on metal roofing systems:

High-Contrast Colors

Even before the farmhouse craze took off, the combination of a dark roof with a light home exterior has been a classic color choice. There is nothing more classic than black and white. The aesthetic is clean and polished and works well for many home styles. Depending on the style of your home, the color combination can appear classic and traditional or sleek and modern. Charcoal and Matte Black are popular metal roof color choices to achieve this look. 

Coastal Colors

Pairing a soft-colored home exterior with a metallic or light-colored metal roof is a staple style in coastal communities, but these soft and easy-going color combinations can work well in most residential environments. Many homeowners pair their light-color metal roofs with soft blues or greens or white exteriors. Light Stone, Almond, and white are the go-to choices when wanting a lighter metal roof color.  

Residence Coral BlueBright & Lively Colors

There are also less subtle color combinations that can achieve a lively statement with your home. Many homeowners pair eye-catching greens and reds with white and off-white exteriors to make their homes stand out. Some popular metal roof color selections for achieving this look are Evergreen, Brite Red, and Autumn Red. 

Milan Residence Roanoke, ILEarth Tones and Natural Colors

Combining earth tones with natural home exteriors is another proven aesthetic we’ve seen customers select again and again. By combining warm colors on a metal roof with natural elements, like wood, stone, and brick, a home complements its natural environments. This color combination is widely popular in mountainous, lakeside, or other scenic locations. Green tones, of which McElroy Metal offers many options, and Bravo Red are popular metal roof color selections. There are many popular brown and bronze color tones, as well, including Tudor Brown, Mansard Brown, and Surrey Beige.

Tone-on-Tone Combinations

Renfroe_Medallion-Lok_Surrey Beige_Tyler TXWhether you choose a light or dark color palette, opting for a color on your metal roof that blends with the exterior color of your home is a guaranteed success. Many customers combine eggshell whites with soft beige-colored metal roofs to create an elegant home appearance. Surrey Beige and Champagne have been popular customer selections to achieve this style.

More recently, architects have been using dark colors in this same way. Dark charcoal or black siding and painted brick combined with dark-colored metal roofs, like Matte Black or Charcoal, create an ultra-modern and sophisticated look to a home’s exterior.

By working with McElroy Metal on your residential home project, customers have the advantage of our broad experience. With nearly 60 years in business, McElroy Metal has developed a variety of tools and resources to further assist homeowners in this decision-making process.

  • Review our full-color charts for each residential metal roofing panel style.
  • Click through our residential metal roofing photo gallery to find inspiration for your project.
  • Upload a picture of your home into our Visualizer tool to try different color options.
  • Take advantage of our professional interactive designs provided by Renoworks. For $40 an image, an expert can create precise visualizations for your project.

See what our metal roofing and wall panels will look like on your project with our Visualizer

Learn everything you need to know about Residential Metal Roofing. Check out our metal roofing resources for inspiration and answers to your questions.

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