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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Dec 7, 2023 8:00 AM

Christmas Magic: How To Light Up Your Metal Roof For The Holidays

Christmas is just weeks away, and decking your halls is likely high on your to-do list! Once the tree is up and the stockings have been “hung by the fireplace with care,” it’s time to adorn the exterior of your home. Christmas light displays are a fun way to express your favorite holiday themes, and it’s a treat for your neighbors to drive down a street lined with cheer!

If you have a metal roof, you might be wondering if you can participate in this festive tradition. Will the twinkling lights adhere to your metal roof without causing damage? Great news… there are several perfect ways to safely hang lights on your metal roof!

What Are the Advantages of Metal Over Other Residential Roofing Materials? Metal roofs are acclaimed thanks to their durability and long lifespan, and their classic aesthetic appeal makes metal roofing an evergreen trend.

Adding twinkling lights to your pretty metal roof might sound challenging, but follow our pro tips, and your lights will be up faster than you can say “jingle bells”!

Step 1. Find The Perfect Product

While traditional methods of hanging lights might not be the right fit for your metal roof, you’ll find that the metal-friendly alternative is easier and faster - just use magnets!

There are many excellent options: magnetic clips, hooks, and even Christmas lights with magnets already built in. These ingenious creations will adhere to your metal roof without causing scuffing or scratching, which gives you all the holiday magic with no hassle or headache.

A quick Google search will yield dozens of great options. If you find a 5-star product, drop a comment and let us know your recommendation!

Step 2. Make A List & Check It Twice

There are several factors to consider when planning your light installation, and a handy list ensures you have everything you need at your fingertips before you get started!

  • Plan Your Display

Whether you are simply doing the street-facing side of your home or going big with the entire roofline, map out your lighted area to follow the next step.

  • Measure Your Roofline

… and then measure it again! You know the saying, “Measure twice, hang once." Precise measurements ensure that you have the correct supplies on hand and no Grinchy gaps!

Do you still have that tape measure handy? Do an inventory of your electrical outlets and extension cords to confirm that your lighting will be easily connected and not cause any hazards.

Pro Tip: Make sure your extension cords are rated for outdoor use!

  • Speaking Of The Roof…

While you are already considering your roof, take the opportunity to think ahead. Snowy days are on the way, and metal roof avalanches can cause injury if not mitigated. If you live in an area that expects snow, we recommend installing an S-5!® ColorGard® snow guard system. In addition to keeping your loved ones safe, using a trusted snow guard system like ColorGard protects your newly installed Christmas lights, too!

As S-5 says, "Snow guards help preserve your metal roof and Christmas decor, and allow snow drifts and snowmelt to exit the roof in a controlled manner, avoiding the potential calamity of a rooftop avalanche.”

  • Select Your Lights

Weather-resistant LEDs are a great investment for your holiday lighting; at McElroy Metal we are ALL ABOUT a long-lasting product!

Take your measurements and do some fast math to plan your lighting purchase.

Now, the only question is… will you choose that classic golden glow, vibrant holiday colors, or crystal-toned white?

  • Magical Magnets

Clips, hooks, or pre-magnetized lights - whatever you choose, ensure they pair well with your light selection, and calculate your quantities carefully to guarantee the correct number arrives at your door. Remember:

- Don’t screw anything into your metal panels. Holes = leaks!

- Don’t use an adhesive substance on your metal roofing; it can remove paint and void warranties

  • Grab Your Ladder… And A Friend!

We recommend asking a pal to spot you as you ascend - no one wants a holiday trip to the ER!

Metal roofs can be slippery, so please exercise caution when hanging your lights. You can also enlist the help of a professional to hang your lights, allowing you to safely supervise. This is an especially good idea if you don’t feel safe!

Pro Tip: Ensure your lights are securely adhered as you go, so the whole display doesn’t tumble down!

  • Enjoy!

Once your work is done, the fun begins! Grab a hot cocoa and bask in the glow of your gorgeous display.

And while you’re snapping that Instagram photo… tag us! We want to see your Christmas magic!

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