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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Jun 23, 2022 2:54 PM

82,000 Square Feet of Medallion-Lok Becomes Metal Roof for Elementary School

The Wentzville School District has been the fastest-growing school district in Missouri for the past decade, averaging more than 600 new students a year. Demographic data indicates that the number of pre-kindergarten children is expected to increase in the district for at least the next 10 years. It’s fair to say New Journey Elementary School was born out of necessity.


"This elementary school is a prototype that started back in 2004 to accommodate the growth in the district," says Matt McDermott, Project Manager at Hoener Associates Inc. of St. Louis. "Journey Elementary School is the eighth prototype school to be built for the Wentzville School District. As with the original prototype, this building plan has been fine-tuned each time it is built to accommodate the teaching and learning environment of the district.

"Everyone involved is extremely pleased with the facility. This building will stand the test of time for the school district."

McDermott says the building plan is efficient, with a gymnasium, cafeteria, food service area, general classrooms, kindergarten rooms, media center, and appropriate support spaces.

"Standing seam metal roofing was used to allow the district to have a long-lasting roof and minimize maintenance for their team," says Mark Reuther, Project Principal at Hoener Associates. "The metal roofing allows for various colors to be chosen for each of their schools for identity and longevity. This roof will last well over 50 years."

Reuther says the school’s main entry colonnade is an eye-catching feature, with its brick columns and metal roof. "It identifies the main entrance and provides a stacking place for students during drop-off and pick-up. The lower metal roof over the colonnade clearly identifies the entry point of the school for parents, students, and visitors."

Joiner Sheet Metal & Roofing of Highland, Ill.., had a crew of 8-10 working on the Journey Elementary project for several months, installing 82,000 square feet of McElroy Metal’s 24-gauge Medallion-Lok 16-inch standing seam metal roofing.Medallion-Lok features hidden clips and a 1-3/4-inch snap-together seam which eliminates the need for jobsite seaming. The color chosen for this project was Sherwin-Williams Fluropon PVDF Regal Blue, stucco embossed. Joiner also installed 6,500 square feet of 24-gauge FW Series in Regal Blue for the fascia and 19,600 square feet of McElroy’s Matrix panel for the soffits (13,400 in 24-gauge Bone White and 6,200 square feet of 29-gauge Brite White). McElroy Metal also supplied 700 24-gauge flat sheets, 650 in Regal Blue and 50 in Bone White.

"We got to work on the decking and underlayment as soon as the masons were finished in late fall 2019," says Joe Hamel, project manager for Joiner Sheet Metal & Roofing. "McElroy Metal delivered the roofing in phases starting in early March 2020. It wasn’t a difficult job, but it was a big job. The worst part was getting through the knee-deep springtime mud. We were able to stay on schedule and get it done on time."

The slope at the main entrance was 4:12 and the rest of the roof was 3:12, with the longest panels measuring 44 feet, 8 inches.

Joiner also installed the soffits and fascia in Regal Blue as well as 2,300 square linear feet of Regal Blue 7-inch box gutters, formed with the company’s own New Tech Machinery gutter machine.

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