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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Dec 22, 2021 8:00 AM

Trends in Metal Roofing for 2022

In recent years, the number of homeowners selecting a metal roofing system for their homes has been on the rise. A 2020 Dodge Roofing Industry Report revealed that more and more homeowners were opting for metal for their re-roofing projects, with numbers rising in the United States from 12 percent in 2019 to 15 percent in 2020. 


As we move into 2022, this trend looks to continue for many reasons that include everything from appearance to functionality and sustainability. More and more homeowners are looking to outfit their homes with durable, long-lasting, quality materials. 

Here are some of the exciting metal roofing trends that will continue to resonate with homeowners in 2022 and some new trends that are strongly emerging in the new year. 

Sustainability is Key

In all aspects of life, people are looking to use more recycled and eco-friendly materials when available. The Metal Roofing Alliance supports this trending behavior in North America, saying that homeowners are looking to avoid disposable, throw-away products that will only last for a few years. 

The service life of a metal roof can span 60 years or longer, which is two to three times longer than a traditional asphalt roof. Because metal roofing systems are made from a high percentage of recycled materials, they can be 100% recyclable at the end of their service life. These features resonate with homeowners looking to implement eco-friendly products and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Superior Functionality

Homeowners are not only interested in sourcing sustainable, environmentally friendly materials for their home projects; they also want these materials to be highly durable and functional. With increasingly severe weather patterns, including heavy snowfall and more frequent hurricane activity, homeowners are looking for materials that will stand against these harsh conditions. 

Metal roofing systems are rated Class 4 by Underwriters Laboratories and can endure harsher conditions better than other systems.  Metal roofs are more likely to withstand hail, wind, fire, and storm damage.

Clean and Modern Roof-lines

Architectural roofing trends are turning toward roof-lines that are clean and simple. Architects exchange gables, hips, dormers, and various pitches for designs that feature fewer roof lines.

Designing clean and straightforward roof lines also minimizes the amount of material used, saving money on material costs and minimizing the installation costs for a metal roof. Clean roof-lines allow the metal panel to take center stage in terms of aesthetics.

Design Versatility

As people have become more familiar with the use of metal in residential construction, homeowners and architects are beginning to implement metal in more exciting ways.

In 2021, subtle and subdued color palettes were widely popular. While this trend will continue, other exciting colors are emerging in exterior design, according to an article by Southern Living

With more color options available than any other roofing type, metal roofing can meet the demands of homeowner style preferences. 

Darker exteriors are taking precedence for those wanting to create a striking yet still natural look and blend in with natural surroundings. Green is also trending as a home exterior color option. A variety of greens, like warm olive and basil, work well with the classic black and white palette and blend with beiges and warm whites for a natural feel.  

Metal’s ability to mimic other roofing materials is another reason it is gaining popularity with homeowners and architects. Metal shingles and simulated tile options can be designed to look like traditional shingles, clay tile, cedar shake, and slate. These options provide a classic look but include the added performance and strength of metal roofing panels. 

In 2022, consumers will be more thoughtful and intentional about what products they select and use. Products and materials must be eco-friendly yet also high-performing. 

Additionally, they must be versatile and capable of meeting design standards and trends. Metal roofing can check all the boxes, which is why it will continue to be an increasingly popular choice for homeowners for years to come. 

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