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Posted by McElroy Metal ● May 6, 2022 11:58:59 AM

McAttack Food Battles!

The Corporate team visits all of the manufacturing facilities annually this time year for McAttacks. These visits give corporate an opportunity to meet with all of the manufacturing teams, review the previous year activities and discuss plans for the current year. A group lunch is always included with McAttack visits. There is always some behind the scenes competition to see who can put on the best spread. Our two most recent visits were Adelanto, CA and Houston, TX. Both lunches were outstanding!

ADL Food Truck

The Adelanto team created a nice vibe and excitement with Raul's Tacos Food Truck. Raul offered a variety of Tacos that were a huge hit!

Houston McAttack 2

Members of the Houston team put on aprons and cooked their own spread, which featured Birria, a traditional Mexican dish. From left, the chefs were Juan, Raymond, Gustavo, and Frank. Allison coordinated the luncheon.

The Corporate team of judges give two huge thumbs up to both Adelanto and Houston!! Thank you for your hospitality!

Employment at McElroy Metal

McElroy Metal’s success over the years is largely attributed to the talented and dedicated employees across the country. McElroy Metal’s extensive footprint of locations and distinct business units offer employment candidates a wide variety of fulfilling options such as manufacturing, customer service, retail and corporate positions.

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