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Posted by McElroy Metal ● May 16, 2022 1:21:38 PM

Corporate team visits Marshall and Lewisport facilities.

The Marshall, MI and Lewisport, KY plants were the latest stops for the 2022 McAttack tour. Both facilities looked great and it was good see both teams. Thanks for the hospitality Marshall and Lewisport!


Marshall 4

The Marshall group is ready for the corporate presentation.

All the images below are from Lewisport.

Lewisport 5

Caleb McCoy (front) and Jon Daugherty (back).

Lewisport 8

Alexis Dawson

Lewisport 6

Miles Wilkerson

Lewisport 10

John Daugherty (left) and Nolan Braun (right).



Employment at McElroy Metal

McElroy Metal’s success over the years is largely attributed to the talented and dedicated employees across the country. McElroy Metal’s extensive footprint of locations and distinct business units offer employment candidates a wide variety of fulfilling options such as manufacturing, customer service, retail and corporate positions.

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