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    Metal Roof Overlay System Revitalizes Reception Hall (Clone)

    Posted by McElroy Metal on Sep 7, 2022 1:24:20 PM

    A venue can make or a break an event, and in the stress of finding the “perfect place,” aesthetics usually reigns supreme. There are, of course, many other factors that must be considered when choosing a location for a corporate gathering, wedding or family celebration, but when it’s all boiled down, a place must have the right feel. The rest will follow.


    Westlake Gardens Grand Hall Before

    Experts in the event business, the management and staff at Grand Hall at Westlake Gardens in Indianapolis, IN are aware of this. In assuring their guests a pleasing aesthetic, no detail is spared. While events are typically held indoors, those at the Grand Hall know that the building’s exterior serves an important role in customer decisions.

    138T shingle recover

    Westlake Gardens Grand Hall After

    reception hall 1Architects from The Etica Group of New Haven, IN chose McElroy Metal’s 138T Shingle Recover roof recover system because of its many benefits. With this system, elevated clips are used to create an energy-saving ASV (Above Sheathing Ventilation) airspace between the original roof and the new standing seam panels. The reduction of utility expenses will continue to save the Grand Hall in years to come. The new roof was installed by Master Steel Roofing of Elkhart, IN. McElroy Metal is headquartered in Bossier City, LA.

    The standing-seam metal roof panels are finished in an Evergreen shade of Minneapolis, MN-based Valspar’s Fluropon® PVDF architectural exterior coating. This Fluropon coating is the cherry on top, quite literally, of the benefits the standing-seam metal roof panels offer. The Grand Hall at Westlake Gardens is in good hands with a coating that will come through with long-lasting protection.

    138 T systemFluropon offers many unique benefits including enduring dirt and stain resistance and reliable color consistency. While durability is key, especially for roofing, Fluropon goes the extra mile. Fluropon architectural exterior coatings have outstanding resistance to ultra-violet rays. Solar Reflective (SR) formulations are able to lower energy costs by reflecting infrared radiation without sacrificing durability, performance or beauty.

    The Grand Hall at Westlake Gardens is now equipped with a clean, sleek roof that will also provide the building with unwavering protection. With an exterior that matched the vibrant interior, the Grand Hall is certain to wow those scouting out their next event venue.

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