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Posted by McElroy Metal ● Apr 28, 2021 1:00 PM

8 Things You Need To Do To Hire The Right Roofing Contractor

As our home’s primary line of defense against the elements, our roof deserves all the attention it can get from us.

Whether we’re looking to fix or replace it, our roof requires not only the best materials available but also the right roofing contractors to work on it.

Finding suitable roofing materials is easy. It’s finding the best roofer for the job that could prove to be tricky.

If you want your roof fixed or replaced by the best available roofing contractors, you will need to do the following:

1. Hire Local Roofers

Contractor image 3You have every right to hire roofers based in another city or state, but it would be wise to go for local roofing contractors.

The fact that they’re operating in your area means they can deliver their services to you much more quickly than any out-of-town roofer ever could.

A local roofer’s knowledge of local building codes also makes hiring them an advantage, as that familiarity reduces the chances of any non-compliance issues happening.

Let’s also keep in mind that local roofers are part of your community. Local roofing contractors have it to provide the best possible service, given that their customers are members of the same community that supports them.

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2. Check For License and Insurance

A license to operate as a roofing contractor in your state plus proper roofing contractors insurance coverage is incontrovertible proof that the company you’re eyeing to work on your roof is a legitimate one.

With their license, you’ll know that a roofing contractor is qualified to provide roof repair and replacement services in your area. Being a licensed roofer also indicates that they’re compliant with the state’s laws and guidelines covering the roofing industry.

Insurance, on the other hand, is your guarantee that you won’t be held liable for any third-party personal injury or property damage that occurs while they’re working on your roof.

If you hire an uninsured roofer, you will likely be made responsible for any such incident that may occur.

Licenses and insurance policies also help you ensure that the roofer you’re hiring is not a “storm chaser,” a derogatory term used to describe contractors who pose as roofers and offer their services to unwitting customers, usually after severe weather.

Far too many homeowners have fallen prey to these storm chasers, who often charge lower rates to draw in more customers but provide a rushed and sub-par job—if they do any work at all.

3. Go For More Experienced Roofers

A roofer who has been at it for years offers advantages over those who are relative newcomers to the business.

A more experienced roofer will have already built ties with the best suppliers. You can use that to your advantage, as contractors with access to suppliers can ask for the best prices for roofing materials.

More experienced roofing contractors are also familiar with a broader range of roofing situations and are presumably better equipped to deal with them.

4. Ask For References

When hiring a roofing contractor, don’t forget to ask for references, preferably people who have hired them in the past.

The great thing about talking to references is that you can ask them anything you want about the roofer you’re eyeing. For starters, you can ask what they think about the job the roofing contractor did. You should also find out what it’s like to work with the roofer in question and if they’re open to hiring them again.

5. Check Their Past Work

5V_Charcoal-ResidentialAlways ask a prospective roofing contractor if they have a portfolio of roofs installed or repaired in the past. That way, you will be able to see the quality of their work for yourself, which should help you decide to hire that roofer or not.

A typical portfolio for roofing contractors is often made up of printed photos in a photo album or digital pictures on laptops or tablets. Videos are pretty standard, too, especially with easier access to aerial drone technology, which can give you a much closer look at their work.

Besides a portfolio, you can also check their past work via case studies or write-ups about their completed projects.

6. Ask About Warranties

The best roofing contractors typically offer their customers the best warranties.

There are some main types of roofing warranties.

There’s the standard manufacturer’s warranty that covers the roofing materials and products you purchase.

The installation work is covered by a workmanship warranty, courtesy of the roofing company itself.

Ask potential roofing contractors about such warranties to make sure you’re covered in case there’s something wrong with the products or the installation, for which you’re paying good money.

7. Check A Roofer’s Online Reputation

The opinions of customers on review sites matter because the customer is always right.

More often than not, customers satisfied with the roofing service they got will say so in the reviews, while those who aren’t won’t mince words complaining about it.

Of course, you can’t always accept what reviewers say at face value, so read multiple reviews about a given roofer, take in the entire story, and decide for yourself what to believe.

While you’re online, you should also check their website if they have one. Roofing contractors without a website is a typical red flag these days, so steer clear roofers with no web presence whatsoever.

Scour a roofer’s website for testimonials from customers. You also need to find out if the names of the company’s owners and its team members are on the website for assurance that they are, indeed, a legitimate operation.

8. Get Multiple Quotes

Ask for quotes from three or more prospective roofing contractors.

Essentially a bid for your roofing project, a quote will list everything they have to offer.

A roofing contractor quote indicates the cost of labor and materials, start and finish dates, and waste disposal plans, among other things.

With multiple quotes in your hand, you can make a clear comparison between them, allowing you to see which one would work best for you.

You can expect to spend some time and effort choosing the right roofing contractor, but the payoff is that your roof will be worked on by only the most qualified roofers.

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